Blog: June 10, 2016

OMEN by HP supercharges the PC gaming experience


Video gaming reached the mainstream in the 1970s and 1980s, when arcade video games (think Centipedes and Space Invaders), gaming consoles (like Atari) and home computer games (remember Pong?) were widely available and popular in the United States.

Since then, gaming has morphed to include literally hundreds of types of games, including first-person shooters, text and graphic adventures, fantasy, simulation, and massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or MMORPGs.

And gaming’s popularity has exploded, with people from every corner of the globe hollering at their screens, clutching their heads in horror, and exclaiming at one another’s heists, leaps, hits, kills, and virtual deaths.

Omen laptop Omen desktop

As the technology and available gaming platforms have evolved, gamers themselves have become increasingly sophisticated and demanding when it comes to their gaming experience. For PC gamers, that means performance, customizability, and design.

HP is introducing a unified gaming portfolio based on our 2014 OMEN releases. The portfolio—including a laptop, a desktop, and a 32-inch display—offers a range of options across different price points to meet the variety of gamers’ needs.

The OMEN portfolio boasts power for battling on the go, graphics for smooth gameplay, and advanced thermal cooling to tackle the latest AAA games—the highest-rated and best-selling games. And the new portfolio makes it easier for gamers to find the right device for the experience they want, including the ability to customize and upgrade.


The OMEN lineup includes:

Two laptops—the 15.6-inch and the 17.3-inch diagonal—deliver immersive gaming experience and high performance such as Full HD and 4K display options for stunning visuals. Sound effects are crisp and clear with expert audio tuning by Bang & Olufsen and HP Audio Boost technology for added depth.

A desktop engineered with the power and tuning for virtual reality, and featuring the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics for super-speedy gameplay. Optional liquid cooling, an advanced thermal system, keeps it running cool and quiet to virtually eliminate lag. This desktop is upgradeable, with tool-less access to the hardware so hardcore enthusiasts can crank up the power by customizing.

A 32-inch diagonal display elevates the OMEN desktop gaming experience with Quad HD wide-viewing angles for brilliant visuals with true-to-life color. Advanced technology delivers fluid performance for a smooth gaming experience.

The OMEN laptops are planned to be available on 10 July, and the OMEN desktop and the OMEN display can be expected at select retailers in August of this year. For more details read the press release.

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