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HP Introduces High-performance Business Desktop Products to Help Business Customers Increase Security and Return on IT Investment

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HP (NYSE:HPQ) today introduced a range of secure, high-performance, desktop-based products for business customers.

The new HP Compaq business desktops d330, d530, HP Compaq thin client t5700 and HP L1925 flat panel monitors offer improved security features and industry-leading client services to ease the technology upgrade process and reduce maintenance, repair and support costs throughout the product lifecycle.

"Many companies today are putting themselves at risk by running older, less secure PCs in their IT environments," said John Thompson, vice president and general manager, commercial products Americas, HP Personal Systems Group. "Our new business desktop products not only perform better to improve worker productivity, but when paired with our PC Upgrade Program, will also help businesses protect their valuable data with enhanced security features and services."

HP announced its PC Upgrade Program today in a separate press release titled "HP Aims to Drive Growing PC Replacement Market with Comprehensive Upgrade Program."

OneBeacon Insurance, one of the leading independent agency property/casualty insurance groups in the Northeast, has recognized the benefits of upgrading to new technology and reducing the hidden costs of keeping older technology running.

"Justifying the need for spending millions of dollars to refresh PCs is challenging. Not only do you need to ensure the total cost of the project saves real money but it also has to translate into productivity gains on the business side that may be difficult to quantify," said Joseph Topale, vice president of computing and network services, OneBeacon Insurance. "Working with HP to refresh PCs on a regular lifecycle ensures the business continues to achieve the kind of efficiency required in today's business environment. We benefit from improved reliability and lower maintenance and support costs."

HP Compaq Business Desktop PCs

The reliable HP Compaq business desktop d530 series provides customers with maximum stability and manageability. With a lifecycle as long as 15 months, a common software image across the platform and HP Lifecycle Solutions manageability tools, d530 PCs enables faster, easier PC deployment across enterprise networks. This helps lower the total cost of technology ownership by reducing the need for IT support and improving IT staff productivity.

In addition, the new HP ProtectTools Embedded Security chip allows customers to better protect their data and control access to their networks as well as enhance communications security. The chip is a standards-based solution developed in conjunction with Infineon Technologies. Available as an option on all d530 models, the security solution is intended to enhance the native Microsoft® operating system security features as well as third-party security applications such as public key infrastructure suites and virtual private networks.

HP ProtectTools enables more robust and secure file and folder encryption through hardware-based key generation and storage. HP's personal secured drive simplifies data protection through encryption with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. It seamlessly integrates with popular e-mail applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes for encrypting e-mail.

Available in three designs - small form factor, convertible minitower or ultra-slim desktop -- the HP Compaq business desktop d530 starts at an estimated U.S. street price of $730.(1) Customers can conveniently choose pre-configured models or fully customize their own solution with Intel® Celeron® or HyperThread-enabled Pentium® 4 processors with the 865G chipset and speeds up to 3.0 gigahertz, up to 160-gigabyte hard drive, 4 gigabytes of DDR (double data rate) SDRAM, choice of DVD-ROM or CD-RW drives and Microsoft Windows® XP Professional.

For the small- and medium-sized business that wants the most from its IT investment now and in the future, the HP Compaq Business Desktop d330 series delivers proven, flexible technology and reliable performance at a low initial cost.

HP is introducing two new d330 designs -- the microtower and slim tower. Both models are designed with enhanced, tool-less access to internal components and drives for quick and easy upgrade or service. The d330 series also offers increased commonality with systems sharing the same image and motherboard for increased manageability.

The HP Compaq Business Desktop d330 offers customers a choice of pre-configured models or customized solutions. Pricing for the d330 series starts at an estimated U.S. street price of $499, with a configuration built to maximize the price to performance ratio for $779 including an Intel Pentium 4 2.66-GHz processor, 40-gigabyte 7,200-rpm hard drive, 256-megabyte DDR SDRAM, 48x CD-ROM drive, standard gigabit Ethernet NIC, six USB 2.0 ports and Microsoft Windows XP Professional.(1)

Both the d530 and d330 offer optional security features including a Kensington lock, port controls, keyboard smart card readers and pre-installed smart cover lock or hood sensor. More information about the PCs is available at

Paired with HP Business PC Solutions, new HP business desktop PCs offer customers a fully customizable solution for increased productivity and reduced ownership costs by helping IT staff operate more efficiently. At every phase of the product lifecycle, HP Business PC Solutions help improve return on IT and provide effective management for any customer IT environment. For more information about HP Business PC Solutions, visit

HP Compaq Thin Client t5700

The first all-HP engineered thin client, the new HP Compaq thin client t5700 provides enterprise customers advanced flexibility and manageability and a leading price to performance mix to dramatically lower computing costs.

A thin client is a small, solid-state device that connects to current or legacy networks and drives local displays. As data stored on the server and the unit contains no local drives or moving parts, thin clients offer increased manageability, security, control and reliability.

Ideal for call centers, medical environments, financial services and other environments where access to centralized applications and a desktop-like experience is required, the t5700 brings industry-leading desktop features and performance to the thin client environment with a 1.0-gigahertz energy-efficient Transmeta TM5800 processor, rich ATI graphics with 8 megabytes of dedicated graphics memory, up to 512-megabyte DDR SDRAM and up to 512-MB flash memory -- all using a standards-based architecture.

The t5700 thin client features the Microsoft Windows XP Embedded operating system for customers requiring expanded hardware and application support. Included with the new t5700 and providing remote management is Altiris Deployment Solution, a comprehensive standards- and Web-based solution for deploying, managing and updating HP thin clients. Only HP offers enterprise customers the ability to manage all their networked clients, both PCs and thin clients, with this industry-leading package from Altiris.

Four USB ports are available for wireless, security and a variety of external storage options such as disk on key, CD-ROM drive, floppy and hard drives. Additional flexibility and options are available through an optional PCI slot to support a variety of devices, including additional graphics, internal wireless and wired connectivity, and port expansion.

Available immediately direct from HP or through authorized resellers, the HP Compaq thin client t5700 has an estimated U.S. street price starting at $599. (1) More information about HP thin clients is available at

HP L1925 Commercial Monitor

Offering dependable and powerful performance, the new HP L1925 flat panel monitor is ideal for workstation and business PC customers. Designed for maximum visual performance and optimal ergonomic comfort, the monitor has the latest panel technology and features allowing users to position the unit to individual viewing needs.

The HP L1925 includes a host of features, including portrait and landscape viewing, tilt and swivel capability and a height-adjustable base. Offering both analog and digital inputs for connections to today's and tomorrow's PCs, the L1925 is a future-proof investment for customers.

At an estimated U.S. street price of $749,(1) the HP L1925 flat panel monitor has a super-thin profile, including a narrow bezel along with extremely wide viewing angles, which makes it perfect for single or multiple monitor applications. These features are especially valuable in data-intensive environments such as trading floors.

More information about the HP L1925 is available at

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