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HP Technology Accelerates Design Process for BMW WilliamsF1 Team

HP and BMW WilliamsF1 Team Unveil Technology Details on New Car Aerodynamics
MELBOURNE, Australia, March 5, 2003

HP (NYSE:HPQ) today announced that it has significantly increased the BMW WilliamsF1 Team's competitive advantage for the 2003 Formula One season. HP technology has allowed the team to reduce car design time fifteen-fold by powering complex, aerodynamic applications. Through increased processing power generated by HP supercomputers and the implementation of innovative HP solutions and expertise, substantial cost savings have been achieved.

HP's presence is felt at every level, from design planning to post-race data analysis. Ranging from information and communications technology (ICT) strategy formulation and implementation to Compaq Evo notebook PCs and powerful HP AlphaServers linked to HP ProLiant servers, the integrated solutions ensure continuous, real-time communication between the WilliamsF1 450-plus staff around the world and headquarters in Grove, UK.

"By making HP's global resources available to the BMW WilliamsF1 Team we have streamlined time-consuming analytical processes," said Andrew Collins, HP director of corporate sponsorships and Global F1. "The efficiency gains combined with increased processing power means the team can run more complex simulations, ensuring detailed analysis of the 3,000-plus parts which comprise F1 cars. HP's partnership with a leading enterprise in the world's most technologically driven sport is a natural fit demonstrating how relevant technology can improve business performance."

The revolutionary FW25 chassis was born from the analysis of exhaustive simulations, which could be performed in an hour, rather than the 15 hours it previously took. The efficiency gains mean that engineers can spend more time testing and perfecting the car on-screen. The intricate numerical calculations in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) powered by an HP supercomputer give engineers detailed and accurate information on the car's behaviour. CFD simulates the car's aerodynamics from all angles enabling structural engineers to better understand pressure points and stresses.

The completed virtual prototypes are then processed through HP printing and imaging solutions, which form an integral part of the design and manufacturing process deployed in the design and drawing office. The solutions offer greater speed and reliability with reduced operator intervention, which decreases costs by accelerating the manufacturing process dependent on blueprint measurements.

"Last year showed us that our chassis was a model of reliability, but that there's still room for improvement, particularly on the aerodynamic front," said Patrick Head, technical director of WilliamsF1 and responsible for the chassis. "Partnering with HP has given us the necessary technological leadership and expertise to design the revolutionary FW25, rather than reiterating a modified version of last season's FW24. The relationship will ensure that FW25's performance continually evolves throughout 2003."

"We make full use of HP's breadth and depth of technological know-how," said Neil Davis, IT development manager at WilliamsF1. "Whatever we need in the way of IT expertise, HP can put at our disposal. This means that we can maintain a more efficient IT organisation internally and concentrate on the business of racing cars. HP's global presence ensures that we can count on their support whether at headquarters, tests or on the track."

About the Sponsorship

HP enters its fourth year as Principal Sponsor to the BMW WilliamsF1 Team during the 2003 season, showcasing how excellence can be achieved through strategic partnerships.

As a global company, HP provides 24-hour support at the team's headquarters and across all Formula One testing and races.

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