Press Release: July 28, 2003

HP Helps Preserve Art and Cultural Heritage

HP Technology Provides Millions Access to World's Precious Treasures

Curators from around theworld are increasingly turning to technology to aid in thepreservation of artistic masterpieces, with dozens of museums,galleries and cultural organizations relying on technologiesprovided by HP (NYSE:HPQ) tosupport their efforts.

According to a 2002 reportby the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services, 87 percentof museums use at least some information technology, with thatnumber growing as many institutions turn to solutions - like thoseoffered by HP - that supportthe study, documentation and preservation of virtually all artisticmediums, including paintings, textiles, photographs, porcelain andpottery, sculptures and countless others.

Technology not onlysupports the preservation of fine art, but also helps break downcultural barriers by making collections and resources available toas many people as possible via the Web.

  • At the National Gallery of London, masterpieces by van Gogh, daVinci, Rembrandt, Titian and Monet have been painstakingly restoredand catalogued using HP technologies. HP technology also hasenabled the Gallery to provide prints of its vast collection "ondemand" to museum patrons.

  • Art lovers can now access online rare collections ofRabindranath Tagore, Amrita Sher Gil and other India modern artfrom the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi, which hasused HP technologies to digitize at high resolution and catalog itscollection.

  • At Brazil's Lasar Segall Museum, innovative HP wirelesssolutions make the visitor's time in the museum more dynamic bytransmitting information about works of art to handhelddevices.

  • HP technology has enabled the Holy See to give millions ofpeople online access to the Vatican's Apostolic Library, one of themost prestigious collections of manuscripts, documents and antiquetexts in the world. Additionally, HP will provide the Holy See withHP technology to maximize service availability, reliability andprocessing response speed. The IT infrastructure will ensure thatall visitors have an optimal experience navigating the preciousworks of art. Users also will soon be able to access the MuseumsWeb site on the go using mobile telephones and mobile devices suchas HP iPAQ 5450 Pocket PCs powered by Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity)technology.

  • HP has assisted 18 Native American tribal communities inSouthern California to preserve their unique culture online byrecording their own languages with video and audio support, andthen creating an archive of their languages and their elders'stories on the site.

"It's a great privilegethat such prominent museums and cultural institutions turn to HP for assistance in maintaining theworld's greatest treasures," said Huw Robson, head of the HP Labs Arts and Sciences Division."We look forward to working with these institutions and many othersto help preserve the arts and culture for future generations."

HP technology solutions for thepreservation, conservation and communication of art and culture,include:

  • Infrared scanning and imaging solutions that see through paintpigment to reveal an artist's original charcoal or lead drawingsthat formed original sketches, allowing curators to see howpaintings evolved and changed during the preparation phase;

  • Large format printers that allow for near-perfect colorreproduction and are used by curators in advance of touchingoriginal works of arts to ensure color matches;

  • Polynomial texture mapping technology used to study the precisebrushwork of major paintings so curators can mimic brushstrokeswhen retouching original pieces;

  • HP high-volume storage and processing server systems scanningcollections at extreme quality resolution and storage;
  • Services such as printing on demand, which requires thedevelopment of innovative fine arts digitization processes andhigh-quality HP printing solutions;

  • Design and improvement of the information technologyinfrastructure of art and cultural Web sites so consumers canaccess the millions of treasures online from the convenience oftheir own homes;

  • Mobile technologies, such as HP iPAQ 5450 Pocket PCs powered byWi?Fi technology, make museums' Web site information available forpeople on the go.

"Van Gogh and Monet nevercould have imagined the technology that's being used today topreserve their paintings," said Clare Gough, head of communicationsand media at the National Gallery. "The HP technologies that are being usedon these masterpieces, as well as numerous others at the NationalGallery, are invaluable tools to the curators who work sodiligently to ensure the pieces maintain their original artisticintegrity despite weathering the elements and enduring the passageof time."

The achievements of HP's technology and its impact onthe arts and culture are being highlighted in a worldwide brandadvertising campaign that kicked off May 27 in USA Today and willrun throughout 2003. The campaign, created by San Francisco-basedGoodby, Silverstein & Partners, features "Yellow Lives On" byVincent van Gogh, which is currently being conserved using HP technology solutions by theNational Gallery of London.

For more information on andto see how HP technologiessupport the preservation of art and culture, visit an online press kit and b-roll.

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