Press Release: October 03, 2003

HP Ranks No. 1 in High-performance Technical Computing According to New Benchmark Results

Results on HP servers faster than on IBM, SGI, all other servers
PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 3, 2003

HP achieved top high-performance technical computing results on an industry-standard benchmark for compute-intensive processing. The SPEC OMP benchmark suite results, for OpenMP shared memory parallel processing, show HP Integrity servers and HP AlphaServers are faster than systems offered by IBM, SGI or any other vendor.

The HP Integrity Superdome server, running 64 Intel® Itanium® 2 processors at 1.5 gigahertz and the HP-UX operating system, now maintains the official leading score of 257,702 for the SPEC OMPLbase2001 benchmark and the official leading score of 271,659 on the SPEC OMPLpeak2001 benchmark.(1) These results are 33 percent and 37 percent higher, respectively, than those posted by SGI's Origin 3900 system.

The HP AlphaServer GS1280, running 64 Alpha EV7 processors and the Tru64 UNIX® operating system, maintains the fastest SPEC OMPM2001 results, with a score of 35,895 for the SPEC OMPMbase2001 and 50,305 for the SPEC OMPMpeak2001.(1) The SPEC OMPMpeak20001 score is 30 percent faster than that posted by IBM's p690 system.

The size and run time of the SPEC OMP tests reflect the demands of scientific and engineering applications to model large, complex tasks. The SPEC OMP benchmarks specifically measure the shared-memory multiprocessor performance of the computers' processors, memory architecture, operating system and compiler.

The SPEC OMPM2001 benchmark measures systems performance running scalable OpenMP applications with medium-sized workloads. The SPEC OMPL2001 benchmark measures the performance of computing systems running scalable OpenMP applications with larger working sets and longer runtimes. Both benchmark suites run 11 and nine different application tests, respectively, covering everything from quantum chromodynamics, to finite-element crash simulation, to shallow water modeling.

These SPEC OMP benchmark results provide further evidence of HP Integrity server's performance leadership in high-performance technical computing, adding to benchmark results announced in June:

  • Fastest workstation and server SPECfp 2000: 2,106,(1) and
  • Fastest workstation and server SPECint 2000: 1,318.(1)

HP's extensive experience with Itanium 2-based systems combined with the use of the HP Scalable Processor Chipset zx1 and Chipset sx1000 result in leading system performance gains. The chipsets unleash the power of Itanium 2 processors by lowering memory latencies and increasing memory and input/output subsystem scalability.

With high clock frequencies and more sustained performance per clock than any other microprocessor architecture, the HP Integrity servers and Itanium 2-based workstations allow greater in-depth analysis and higher quality images on more complex models.

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(1) Competitive benchmark results stated above reflect results published on as of Oct. 1, 2003. The comparison presented above is to all published SPEC OMP2001 results as of that date. For the latest SPEC benchmark results, visit

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