Press Release: May 29, 2008

HP Offers Customers World’s Broadest Portfolio of Digital Color Printing Products to Capture Digital Page Growth

DÜSSELDORF, Germany, May 29, 2008

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HP today announced itslatest digital printing products and technologies, which aredesigned to enable graphic arts customers to build theircompetitive advantage and successfully pursue profitable growthopportunities.

With the new solutions andthe company’s recent acquisitions of NURMacroprinters Ltd. and MacDermidColorSpan Inc., HP now offers print service providers theindustry’s largest all-digital color graphic arts portfolio. Thesemoves also support HP’s Print2.0 strategy to drive growth of digital pages and lower costsof printing for high-volume commercial markets.

By 2010, HP estimates thatthe value of pages printed in the global graphic arts market willbe $663 billion. Nearly 80 percent of this growth(1)will be driven by marketing collateral, labels and packaging,publishing and signage, and displays – all markets that HP istargeting with its graphic arts portfolio.

Customers are alreadyrealizing the value provided by new solutions such as HP Indigodigital presses and HP Inkjet High-speed Production Solutions. Thenew technologies are being demonstrated publicly for the first timein the HP booth in Hall 8A at drupa 2008, the graphic artsindustry’s preeminent tradeshow. Highlights include:

  • Three new HP Indigo digital presses – including a 7000 modelavailable now – that offer significantly higher break-even pointsthan analog printing.
  • A high-speed, 36-inch (914-mm) inkjet web press – one of themost advanced examples to date of the low-cost, high-productivitypotential that exists with inkjet technology.
  • The HP Designjet L65500 Printer – the first of a new categoryof large-format signage printers with HP Latex Inks that reduce theimpact of printing on the environment and offer broad outdoor andindoor application versatility, while delivering quality anddurability at high print speeds.(2)
  • Fourteen new large-format media – including fiverecyclable(3) substrates that are compatible with HPLatex Printing Technologies. Specially treated HP media, such as HPTyvek® Banner and HP High Density Polyethylene Reinforced Banner,provide image quality and durability when printing with both HPLatex Inks and HP low-solvent inks.
  • The HP SmartStream Workflow Portfolio of print servers andsoftware tools – for comprehensive print job management, fromcreation to fulfillment, including the new HP SmartStreamDirector.
  • HP Indigo Print Care – enabling customers to gain uptime andachieve virtually continuous printing by providing diagnostic andprint-quality assistance tools.
  • A new HP Scalable Printing Technology process-color technologydemonstration from HP Specialty Printing Systems.

HP also announced itsintent to incorporate Scalable Printing Technology in futurelight-production-class products.

“The shift from analog todigital is fueling increased worldwide demand for access torelevant information and rich digital content, creating bothchallenges and opportunities for graphic arts businesses,” saidVyomesh Joshi, executive vice president, Imaging and PrintingGroup, HP. “With one of the most innovative portfolios of digitalproducts, solutions and services, and an unwavering commitment tocustomers and the environment, HP is poised to help graphic artscustomers succeed in this increasingly digital world.”

Increasedproductivity, new options for HP Indigo

The three new HP Indigopress models represent the most significant HP Indigo productlaunch since Indigo first sparked the digital color revolution 15years ago.

The HP Indigo 7000 DigitalPress, which is already running production at several printcompanies around the world, prints 120 high-quality, four-color,A4-size pages per minute. It prints large numbers of static jobswith run lengths ranging from one copy into the thousands, as wellas variable-data work requiring the “every page is different”capabilities of digital. The HP Indigo 7000 offers low total costof ownership for customers exceeding the 1-million-page level,significantly increasing the break-even point against offsetprinting.(4)

Lifetouch, a leadingprovider of professional portraits for schools, houses of worshipand the retail market, is participating in the beta program for thenew HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press as part of its commitment toimplement new technologies. The press was installed in February andhas already helped Lifetouch maintain the high standards ofexcellence and efficiency that make the firm a leader inphotography, printing and book manufacturing.

“HP has been a keycontributor to our success at Lifetouch,” said Dave Birkemeier,vice president, manufacturing, Lifetouch. “We are producing one ofour highest-volume product lines on the HP Indigo 7000 DigitalPress and the quality and execution must be perfect. So far, the HP7000 has done the job.”

The HP Indigo WS6000 andW7200 presses, which are launching at drupa, are highly productiveweb-fed digital presses. The WS6000 model, expected to be availableworldwide in early 2009, offers twice the productivity of thesuccessful HP Indigo press WS4500 and is targeted at labels andpackaging converters with significant volumes of medium- andshort-run jobs. The W7200 press is ideal for high-quality dedicatedpublishing, direct mail and transactional/ transpromotionalofferings. It is expected to be available in the second half of2009.

The HP Indigo press 5500,the company’s best-selling digital press, has been enhanced withoptions allowing greater productivity, including an additionalfeeder, an in-line connection to the HP Indigo UV Coater and a kitfor enabling printing on thicker media.

With new HP Indigo PrintCare, customers can gain remarkable uptime and virtually continuousprinting. The offering provides proactive diagnostic andprint-quality assistance tools, backed by live HP service centersupport, to help ensure quick and accurate detection and resolutionof printing problems. Currently available on the new HP Indigo7000, this package also will be offered with other HP Indigopresses and HP large-format printers in the future.

Customer andpartner momentum for HP Inkjet Web Press

The HP Inkjet Web Pressincreases print productivity and lowers the cost of printing forhigh-volume commercial markets. Revitalizing wasteful, low-margin,analog-driven printing processes, the digital printing platformoffers an unprecedented combination of print width, color quality,productivity and cost for graphic arts industry professionals inthe direct mail, transactional and transpromotional printing, bookpublishing and newspaper industries.

Further showcasing thepotential of Scalable Printing Technology, HP is demonstrating atdrupa a 36-inch version of the HP Inkjet Web Press, which runs atspeeds of up to 400 feet (122 meters) per minute at 600 x 600 dotsper inch output – producing up to 3,200 A4 pages per minute. A keyfeature of the demonstration is finishing partner solutions, whichwill enable end-to-end production in HP target markets forhigh-volume inkjet. Partner solutions for the HP Inkjet Web Presswill be available from EMT, Hunkeler, MBO, Muller Martini andPitney Bowes.

HP also announced severalnew beta sites for the HP Inkjet Web Press, which is expected to becommercially available in fall 2009, including:

  • O’Neil Data Systems, a national provider of data-drivenpublishing and marketing communication services for major U.S.organizations. For more than 30 years, the company has beenrecognized as a leader in technology-driven publishing services,including high-speed digital printing, automated composition,offset printing, warehousing, fulfillment, electronic documentdelivery and web applications.
  • CPI, the world’s leading manufacturer of monochrome andtwo-color books and Europe’s leading book manufacturer. As a majorsupplier to the publishing industry, CPI has grown from $25 millionin sales during its first year in 1996 to nearly $600 million in2007.
  • The Taylor Corporation, a Forbes Private 200 Company, has morethan 100 subsidiaries and 14,000 employees. Taylor is one of theleading specialty print, media and marketing companies in NorthAmerica. Taylor’s operating companies are focused on offeringdistinctive products, superior quality and exceptionalservice.

HP Latex PrintingTechnologies reduce environmental impact of printing

The 104-inch HP DesignjetL65500 Printer is the first of a new category of large-formatsignage printers with HP Latex Inks and HP Wide Scan PrintingTechnology. Print service providers can expand their offerings withthis single, versatile printer that can produce a variety ofoutdoor and indoor applications – from point-of-purchase displays,transit signage, wall murals and exhibition graphics to vehiclegraphics and fleet marking – while delivering quality anddurability at high print speeds.(2)

Prints produced with HPLatex Inks are odorless(5) and emit extremely low levelsof volatile organic compounds. No special ventilation is requiredto meet occupational exposure limits, and there are no requirementsfor air discharge permits, facilitating an improved printingenvironment.(6) HP Latex Inks are not classified ashazardous waste(7) and are non-flammable andnon-combustible. The inks also do not produce ozone emissionsduring printing, contain no hazardous air pollutants orsensitizers(8) and comply with the industry-leadingcertification, Nordic Swan.

HP’s 14 new large-formatmedia include five recyclable(3) substrates that arecompatible with HP Latex Printing Technologies. Using a new,proprietary HP media surface-treatment technology, HP Tyvek Bannerand HP High Density Polyethylene Reinforced Banner provide highimage quality and durability when printing with HP Latex Inks or HPlow-solvent inks.

For seamless integrationwith customers’ existing workflows, HP is working with majorsoftware RIP vendors, including AIT, Caldera Graphics, ColorGATE,Ergosoft, ONYX Graphics, SA International and Wasatch, to developsolutions for the HP Designjet L65500 Printer. Additionally, HPwill be launching a Registered Developer Program intended to ensurethat adopters of HP Latex Printing Technologies will be able toselect from a wide range of substrates suitable for new andexisting applications.

End-to-endproductivity in real-world workflows

The HP SmartStream DigitalWorkflow Portfolio is designed to meet the needs of a broad rangeof market segments and applications and to provide workflowmanagement from job creation to fulfillment.

Portfolio componentsinclude the newly introduced HP SmartStream Director, a completeworkflow solution powered by Press-sense; a full range of printservers; HP SmartStream Designer personalization software, which isnow available for both HP Scitex and HP Indigo systems; and the HPSmartStream Color Manager Kit for HP Scitex equipment.

Most complete rangeof transpromotional printing solutions on display

At drupa, HP is showing forthe first time as a company a complete range of transpromotionalproduction solutions. In the direct mail profit center of the HPstand, visitors can see live printing demonstrations on new HPIndigo, Inkjet Web Press and Specialty Printing Systemssolutions.

Workflow and finishingsolutions for transpromotional print production on display includeproducts from the HP SmartStream Digital Workflow Portfolio and ExstreamSoftware, the variable-data publishing solutions company HPacquired earlier this year.

HP also is showing thefirst-ever technology demonstration of HP Scalable PrintingTechnology in a CMYK mail-printing solution, which is designed tobring color to the outside of the envelope for increased impact andstopping power.

In addition, several new HPSpecialty Printing Systems solutions at drupa include a new,lower-total-cost monochrome digital printing alternative with OEMpartner DJM, and another four-color Scalable Printing Technologyoffering, the SI1000 scanning imager solution for CD/DVD printingincorporated in a new product from OEM partner LSK DataSystems.

Leading the chargeto deliver on the digital promise

As a result of itscustomers’ success, HP solutions are among the fastest-growing,most widely used solutions in their respective markets worldwide,including large-format commercial and industrial printing,large-format technical printing, high-volume digital productionprinting, digital label printing and mail addressing.

  • HP Indigo press page volume has grown more than 40 percent eachquarter since 2003, and presently HP Indigo presses worldwide printa total of 10 billion pages annually.
  • HP large-format printers have increased in annual print volumeby 25 percent, with 549 million square meters (1.8 billion squarefeet) printed on HP equipment in 2007 worldwide.
  • Following the acquisitions of ColorSpan and NUR Macroprinters,HP is the world’s leading provider of UV-curable large-formatprinting.

Customers acquiring HPdigital printing technology at drupa can sign up for speciallow-rate financing from HP Financial Services at the company’sbooth in the HP Pavilion. On-site representatives will have fulldetails on applicable offers for different regions of the world.Additional information is available at

More information onannouncements from HP at drupa is available in an online press kitat details on the HP Graphic Arts portfolio are availableat


HP focuses on simplifyingtechnology experiences for all of its customers – from individualconsumers to the largest businesses. With a portfolio that spansprinting, personal computing, software, services and ITinfrastructure, HP is among the world’s largest IT companies, withrevenue totaling $110.4 billion for the four fiscal quarters endedApril 30, 2008. More information about HP (NYSE: HPQ) is availableat

(1) HP internalestimates.

(2) In theprice/performance category for which printers based on HP LatexPrinting Technologies are intended.

(3) Recyclingopportunities for this product may not exist in every area.Customers should consult local recycling resources for recyclingthis product.

(4) Compared tothe HP Indigo press 5500.

(5) Printersusing HP Latex Inks use internal heaters to dry and cure the latexpolymer film. Some substrates may have inherent odor.

(6) Specialventilation is not required to meet U.S. OSHA requirements onoccupational exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from HPLatex Inks. Ventilation equipment installation is at the discretionof the customer – no specific HP recommendation is intended.Typically no air discharge permitting required with inks that emitextremely low levels of VOCs. Customers should consult state andlocal requirements and regulations.

(7) HP LatexInks are generally not considered hazardous waste. Customers shouldconsult state and local requirements and regulations.

(8) No ozoneproducts expected based on ink composition and printing technology;HAPs per U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Method 311.

This news releasecontains forward-looking statements that involve risks,uncertainties and assumptions. If such risks or uncertaintiesmaterialize or such assumptions prove incorrect, the results of HPand its consolidated subsidiaries could differ materially fromthose expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements andassumptions. All statements other than statements of historicalfact are statements that could be deemed forward-lookingstatements, including but not limited to statements of the plans,strategies and objectives of management for future operations; anystatements concerning expected development, performance or marketshare relating to products and services; anticipated operationaland financial results; any statements of expectation or belief; andany statements of assumptions underlying any of the foregoing.Risks, uncertainties and assumptions include the execution andperformance of contracts by HP and its customers, suppliers andpartners; the achievement of expected results; and other risks thatare described in HP’s Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the fiscalquarter ended January 31, 2008 and HP’s other filings with theSecurities and Exchange Commission, including but not limited toHP’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended October31, 2007. HP assumes no obligation and does not intend to updatethese forward-looking statements.

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