Press Release: June 06, 2008

HP Technology Helps DreamWorks Animation’s Summer Feature Kung Fu Panda Soar to New Creative Heights

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 6, 2008

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Moviegoers worldwide aresure to be delighted by the breakthrough animation achieved throughthe combination of HP technology and DreamWorks Animation’screativity as DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc.’s (NYSE: DWA) highlyanticipated summer movie, Kung Fu Panda, hits theaters today.

HP also partnered withDreamWorks Animation, Nickelodeon and McDonald’s to bring Kung FuPanda to life outside the movie theater in fun, interactive ways,including an HP “The Computer Is Personal Again” TV spot featuringPo the Panda, downloadable activities and crafts, and achoreographed “The Panda” dance that the whole family canlearn.

“We’ve been working with HPfor years to develop and implement technology that enhances ourcreativity,” said Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief executive officer anddirector, DreamWorks Animation. “With the help of HP technology,our animators are now creating movies that were simply impossibleto make even last year.”

The technology andmarketing behind the film is the latest example of the ongoingcollaboration between HP and DreamWorks Animation that continuouslydelivers “the next big thing” in the media and entertainmentindustry. More information on HP and Kung Fu Panda is available at

“HP has always beencommitted to bringing innovations to market that help all types ofcustomers unleash their creative genius, whether they arehigh-profile studios or everyday people,” said Satjiv S. Chahil,senior vice president, Global Marketing, Personal Systems Group,HP. “By partnering with other leading consumer brands likeMcDonald’s and Nickelodeon to tell the story of Kung Fu Panda, wecan bring DreamWorks Animation’s creativity to life.”

HP technologybehind the scenes

HP has helped DreamWorksAnimation create groundbreaking animation features from Shrek toBee Movie. For this latest project, HP technology helped animatorssolve artistic challenges to bring the story of Po the Panda tolife. Audiences will see a wide variety of deeply intricate,organic environments that only exist because of the unprecedentedpower of HPworkstations with multi-core processors.

HP technology allowedDreamWorks Animation to utilize the largest number of movingcameras on any of its films to date. With 400 HP workstations andthe largest and most powerful render farm ever used – also poweredby HP technology – DreamWorks Animation was able to take creativeelements in Kung Fu Panda to new heights. In fact, the filmrequired more than 24 million render hours – four times as many asShrek.

Kung Fu Pandaoutside the theater

HP’s latest commercialfeaturing Po the Panda is currently airing in the UnitedStates.

Nickelodeon, along with HPand DreamWorks Animation, created “The Panda” dance so kids andparents can learn to dance like the characters in the film. HP alsocreated a wide variety of fun, downloadable projects and crafts,including 3-D characters, customizable backpack tags andpuzzles.

A how-to video withstep-by-step instructions to help learn the dance, along withvarious printable projects are featured on HP’s Kung Fu Pandawebsite, Nickelodeon’s website and McDonald’s website. The video also is being featured at localMcDonald’s restaurants and Best Buy and Circuit City retailers.

“The Panda” danceadditionally will be featured for the month of June on McDonald’sGlobal Happy Meals website and Kung Fu Panda will be on McDonald’stray liners.

On Nickelodeon’skid-friendly website, kids can create a personalized, mash-up KungFu Panda video that incorporates music and video, which they canshare with their friends and family or post to the Kung Fu PandaGreat Wall, where others can vote on their favorites.

In addition to the webexperience, HP has created an HP/Kung Fu Panda Activity CD. Morethan 1 million discs will be distributed in retail outlets, as agift with purchase and at a variety of consumer events. Scholasticwill be distributing 100,000 educational kits to teachers acrossthe United States and Canada. These kits will include teacheractivities to help children learn about Asian culture, a “ThePanda” dance how-to video, and special Kung Fu Panda ring tones andscreensavers.


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