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HP and Oracle Deliver New Offerings That Provide Flexibility and Reduce Customer Costs

Itanium 2 Processor and Remote Support Initiatives Demonstrate HP and Oracle's Continued Innovation to Customers
SAN FRANCISCO, Oracle World, Nov. 11, 2002

HP (NYSE:HPQ) and Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq:ORCL) today announced three initiatives that dramatically increase integration, performance and availability of enterprise computing for customers:

  • Oracle has selected HP as the key Itanium® 2-based development partner to move Oracle9i Database onto the next generation of high-performance Intel® Itanium processor family-based enterprise platforms;
  • The companies have launched a Remote Support Technology initiative, which will enable faster identification and resolution of interoperability issues; and
  • HP has introduced HP Verified -- a qualification and information program to assure customers that HP platforms have the highest level of readiness for Oracle9i Real Application Clusters.

"HP and Oracle are advancing simpler, more efficient and cost-effective ways to connect people to each other and manage information in global enterprises," said Peter Blackmore, executive vice president, HP Enterprise Systems Group. "Each of these developments enables our customers to meet business needs more simply."

Oracle Selects HP for Itanium 2-based Development Platform

Oracle's selection of HP as the key development partner for Itanium 2 microarchitecture increases the availability of Oracle solutions on Itanium 2-based platforms and promotes the optimization of those solutions for HP's Itanium 2-based servers. Oracle plans to ship the first commercial database available for HP-UX, Oracle9i Database Release 2, on the Itanium 2-based platform by the end of the year. There also are developers' versions of Oracle9i Database for Linux and Microsoft® Windows® .NET Server 2003 on the Itanium 2-based platform currently available on Oracle Technology Network (

"The availability of a major commercial application such as Oracle9i Database on Itanium is an indicator of the growing momentum behind this platform," said Vernon Turner, group vice president, IDC. "The fact that an industry-leading enterprise software developer has shown its support of the Itanium processor family is likely to encourage other developers to follow suit, particularly in enterprise applications where the demand for performance improvements is a constant factor."

This week, HP expects to release results of new leadership benchmarks achieved on its Itanium 2-based HP Server rx5670, including the SAP® Standard Application Sales and Distribution – (SD) Benchmark(1) and the SPECweb99_SSL benchmark. With its growing number of record benchmark results, HP continues to demonstrate performance advantages for customers implementing HP's Itanium 2-based servers running HP-UX, Linux and Windows.

"The outstanding performance of Oracle9i Database on Itanium 2-based systems exemplifies the growing breadth of business-critical software for the Itanium processor family," said Mike Fister, senior vice president and general manager, Intel Enterprise Platforms Group. "Customers can now deploy enterprise-ready Itanium 2-based database solutions with the outstanding performance, reliability and value of Intel-based servers."

"The availability of Oracle9i Database on HP's Itanium 2-based platform is unique in the industry, demonstrating our common vision of lowering the cost of enterprise class computing," said Mark Hudson, vice president of marketing, HP Business Critical Systems. "It is also a major demonstration of the strength of the Itanium architecture and its value for customers."

HP and Oracle Announce Remote Support Technology Agreement

Joint HP and Oracle customer services include new remote support tools that enable faster identification and resolution of interoperability issues. Developed by the two companies through teamwork at the configuration data monitoring level, these support services include a Cooperative Service Center staffed with senior engineers from both companies and remote notification tools to gather configuration data and detect problematic server conditions.

These remote notification tools -- Remote Diagnostic Assistant (RDA) and Device Unreachable Detection and Notification (DUDN) -- serve an important role in resolving issues quickly.

The RDA is an Oracle support tool that is hosted on an HP support node. This tool allows both HP and Oracle support personnel to view configuration data through a common view and will automatically make updates if any changes occur. DUDN is an HP support tool that will immediately e-mail an alert to HP and Oracle support personnel and the customer in the event of a downed server. "This initiative redefines the concept of partner collaboration -- it involves a level of integration that simply isn't available from anyone else and serves our shared customers better," said Juan Jones, vice president, Systems Platforms Division, Oracle. "When we come together to serve the customer at the point of configuration data acquisition and analysis, we are acting as if we are one company. That allows faster resolution of problems with less interaction required of the customer."

HP Verified for Oracle9i RAC Speeds Adoption of Adaptive Infrastructure

Clustering is attracting increasing interest as a means to meet customer needs for cost-effective and adaptive infrastructures. Based on HP's leadership in helping to deploy Oracle9i Real Application Clusters, HP and Oracle have created a program of standard enablers for rapid selection, installation, configuration and support of Oracle9i Real Application Clusters across HP's UNIX®, Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms. Called HP Verified, the program draws on the companies' combined leadership in clustering technology, expertise in implementing Oracle9i Real Application Clusters across all major enterprise platforms and support of related benchmark studies. HP Verified includes:

  • Documented results from rigorous integration, stress, benchmark and interoperability testing of Oracle9i Real Application Clusters on HP-UX, Tru64 UNIX, Linux, AlphaOpenVMS and Microsoft Windows;
  • Sample configuration guides to help customers determine the best system for their needs;
  • Comprehensive installation guides to save time and achieve high levels of performance and reliability; and
  • Coordinated support from HP and Oracle for faster resolution of interoperability issues, including access to the remote support tools announced above. "Together, we're sharing our wealth of leadership, information and experience across all platforms to help customers quickly select and deploy scalable, highly available database clustering solutions," said Doug Kennedy, vice president, Platform Alliances, Oracle.

HP can be found at booth No. 1202 at Oracle World at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Nov. 10-14.

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(1) Running the two-tier SAP Standard Application SD Benchmark, HP achieved the result of 600 SAP SD benchmark users with 1.99 seconds average dialog response time. This was achieved on an HP Server rp5670 running HP-UX 11i version 1.6 and using four of the 1-GHz Itanium 2 processors with 3 MB of L3 cache and 24 GB of main memory. The measured throughput was 180,000 dialog steps per hour with an average CPU utilization of 99 percent for the central server. This benchmark was certified by SAP and fully complies with the guidelines issued by the SAP Benchmark Council. More information on SAP Standard Application Benchmarks is available at

SPECweb99_SSL competitive data is as of Nov. 6, 2002.

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