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HP Reduces Data Retention Costs with Expanded Portfolio of Tiered Storage Solutions

Offerings build on HP's information lifecycle management strategy to help customers better align storage costs with business value of data over time
PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 8, 2004

HP today introduced new disk, tape and optical storage technologies and enhanced information management software that expand the industry's broadest portfolio of tiered storage solutions.

From the entry-level to high-end, HP provides customers with the flexibility to store business data - from creation to deletion - on the most cost-effective storage platform according to changing performance and reliability requirements.

The storage offerings combined with HP's enhanced information management software help customers to better align data retention and protection costs with the business value of information over time - a critical component of HP's information lifecycle management strategy.

New and enhanced product offerings include:

  • HP OpenView Data Protector version 5.5 - delivering more than 200 new features for comprehensive and cost-effective data management across tiers of storage technologies.

  • HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array (MSA) 1500 cs - providing tiered storage within a single system by offering industry-first support for concurrent attachment of both SCSI and Serial ATA (SATA) disk enclosures behind a single controller shelf.

  • HP StorageWorks Ultrium 960 Tape Drive - based on third-generation Linear Tape-Open tape drive technology and providing industry-first Ultrium-based Write-Once Read-Many (WORM) capability.

  • HP StorageWorks Optical Jukeboxes - providing long-term, archival storage of electronic records and data for cost-effective regulatory compliance.

"Customers are buying network storage across multiple tiers in order to cost-effectively manage huge data volumes and satisfy long-term data retention and regulatory compliance requirements," said Frank Harbist, vice president and general manager, Information Lifecycle Management, HP. "No other vendor can match HP's depth and breadth of storage solutions - ranging from the entry-level to the enterprise and across disk, tape and optical storage technologies - to allow customers to store data on the most cost-effective storage platform based on the changing business relevance of information throughout its lifecycle."

Cost-efficient data movement across storage tiers

HP OpenView Data Protector version 5.5 software delivers more than 200 new and enhanced features to provide customers with a scalable data management solution that automates high-performance backup and recovery, from disk or tape, and over unlimited distances to help ensure continuous business operations and cost-efficient data movement.

"At Continental we believe in the future of HP's OpenView Data Protector and its ability to help manage our business," said Devin York, director of Financial Systems, Continental Airlines. "With the release of Data Protector 5.5, we see the new Advanced Media Management features, specifically disk-to-disk backup, as the next breakthrough technology which will lower scalability costs, increase performance and allow Continental to meet our data compliance objectives."

Key product features and functionality of HP OpenView Data Protector 5.5 software include:

  • Advanced backup to disk: Improves the backup process with continuous backup of transaction log files, backup of slow clients without multiplexing, and simplified resource access and sharing. The new feature also allows tape virtualization with easy backup resource sharing and complements the Data Protector direct backup to disk technologies for "zero-downtime" backup, instant recovery and virtual tape library (file library).

  • Advanced media management (object copy): Enhances media management by eliminating the need to copy an entire tape or disk. Instead, only portions that have been added during the selected period are copied and can be appended to the end of an already copied tape or disk. The space-efficient automated media copy increases flexibility and reduces costs of tape and drive consumption. This new capability also enables migration and consolidation from disk to tape and between different tape types as well as tape compaction to eliminate unprotected backups.

  • Backup Mirroring: Mirrors media sets over unlimited distances at highest performance via shared memory. This simplifies preparations for a potential data center disaster recovery and offers remote, long-term archiving combined with fast local tape access.

The HP StorageWorks Data Protector version 5.5 is available today. Estimated U.S. pricing for the Starter Pack is $1,196 for Windows® and $5,605 for UNIX®.(1)

Tiered storage within a single system

The HP StorageWorks MSA1500 cs, a 2-gigabit Fibre Channel SAN-attached 2U controller shelf, is the industry's first disk array to enable the concurrent attachment of both SCSI and SATA disk enclosures behind a single controller shelf.

By integrating both low-cost, high-capacity SATA hard drives and enclosures with SCSI drive enclosures, the MSA1500 cs offers customers the flexibility, management simplicity and cost-effectiveness of a solution providing multiple tiers of storage within a single system and with a single management view. This unique capability enables customers to segment data between primary and secondary storage according to performance and reliability requirements and based on the relevance of data and frequency of access.

The MSA1500 can support up to eight attached SATA enclosures delivering up to 24 terabytes (using 96- to 250-gigabyte SATA disk drives) of raw capacity. If the business requires SCSI drive performance and reliability, up to four SCSI enclosures can be attached for a raw capacity of up to 16 TB (using 56- to 300-GB SCSI disks).

The HP StorageWorks MSA 1500 cs is available today with an estimated U.S. starting price of $8,995.(1)

Affordable, high-performance archival storage and compliance

The HP StorageWorks Ultrium 960 Tape Drive - a third-generation, full-height Linear Tape-Open (LTO) format tape drive - comes with both rewritable and Write-Once, Read-Many (WORM) data cartridges.

Offering 800 GB of compressed capacity and the industry's highest performance at a 160 megabytes-per-second compressed transfer rate, the Ultrium 960 also provides industry-first support for an Ultra320 SCSI interface - making it the world's fastest tape drive for compressible data.

Designed for the direct-attach backup and data archiving requirements of midrange and enterprise customers, the Ultrium 960 tape drives deliver twice the capacity and more than double the performance of HP's previous generation of Ultrium tape drives.

The higher capacity reduces the costs associated with data protection by requiring fewer data cartridges to complete backups and the increased performance allows customers to scale their backup capacities without having to increase their backup windows.

The Ultrium 960 is also the industry's first Ultrium tape drive to support WORM data cartridges. The addition of WORM capability provides HP customers with a more secure, simple and cost-effective method of archiving data to satisfy long-term data retention and regulatory compliance requirements. WORM tape provides users with the ability to store petabytes of unalterable data for secure offsite storage at a fraction of the cost of disk storage.

The Ultrium 960 also offers an exclusive to HP One-Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR) utility to minimize recovery time in the event of a disaster. Using a single Ultrium 960 tape drive and data cartridge, the firmware-based data protection and disaster recovery feature allows for the restoration of an entire system, including the operating system, configuration, applications, drivers and data files.

HP also offers an exclusive data rate matching feature with its Ultrium 960 drives. This feature allows the tape drive to adjust its transfer rate to the speed of the host system dynamically and continuously. Data rate matching keeps the data to the drive "streaming," reducing the need to rewind the tape back and forth to wait for the host. The feature optimizes performance and reduces the wear and tear on the drives for increased reliability.

Additionally, each HP StorageWorks Ultrium 960 tape drive ships with a single-server HP OpenView Data Protector version 5.5 license to offer customers the simplicity of a single solution for data backup and WORM storage needs.

Expected availability for HP StorageWorks Ultrium 960 tape drives and HP StorageWorks Ultrium 800 GB data cartridges, in both rewritable and WORM formats, is Dec. 13. The estimated U.S. starting price for the Ultrium 960 tape drive is $5,549.(1)

Cost-effective archival storage for small and mid-size businesses

HP's portfolio of Ultra Density Optical (UDO) jukeboxes now includes the HP StorageWorks Optical 700ux and 1100ux Jukeboxes.

These entry-level jukeboxes provide small and mid-size business customers with cost-effective, removable storage for secure, long-term archival of electronic records to help satisfy data retention and regulatory compliance requirements. When compared to magneto-optical drives, UDO drives offer more than three times the capacity at 30 GB per platter and a cost-per-gigabyte savings of more than 75 percent.

Customers also benefit from improved performance and reduced cost by offloading less frequently accessed data from existing servers or primary storage to a lower-cost-per-gigabyte storage solution.

The jukeboxes offer direct attach or Fibre connectivity for archival storage from 720 GB to 1.1 TB in either WORM or rewritable formats. The products also provide the ability to grow capacity within the same cabinet for added investment protection.

The HP StorageWorks Optical 700ux and 1100ux Jukeboxes are available today with an estimated U.S. starting price of $7,975.(1)

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