Press Release: June 04, 2007

HP Business Desktop PC First to Earn EPEAT-Gold Status

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 4, 2007

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HP and the GreenElectronics Council today announced that the HP rp5700 BusinessDesktop PC is the first product to meet the stringent requirementsthat comprise the “gold” status of the Electronic ProductsEnvironmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT).

EPEAT-registered productsare designated as “bronze,” “silver” or “gold” depending on thenumber of environmental features they possess, such as reducedlevels of hazardous materials, improved energy efficiency, and easeof upgrade and recycle. In January, U.S. President George W. Bushmandated through executive order that EPEAT-registered electronicproducts comprise 95 percent of all federal agency purchases.

“Customers increasinglyvalue environmental aspects of products, such as energy efficiency,provisions for reuse and recycling, and materials innovation,” saidJeff Omelchuck, executive director of the Green ElectronicsCouncil, which manages the EPEAT program. “HP is clearlydifferentiating itself by integrating such features into theirproducts as evidenced by the rp5700 PC.”

The HP rp5700 Long Lifecycle Business Desktop PC was created withthe environment in mind inside and out. Built with 95 percentrecyclable components and a tool-less chassis design for quick andeasy disassembly by hand, both the system and the packaging itcomes in are easier to recycle. Plastic components in the systemare made on average of at least 10 percent post-consumer recycledplastics, and the outer packaging contains at least 25 percentpost-consumer recycled cardboard.

Also designed for improvedenergy efficiency, the rp5700 desktop features a standard, “80percent efficient” power supply that is up to 15 percent moreefficient than standard power supplies – reducing both overallenergy usage and the amount of waste heat released into theenvironment.

HP lab tests have foundthat the rp5700 desktop PC, in its maximum energy-efficientconfiguration and paired with an HP flat panel monitor, may helpcustomers save as much as 80 percent in power consumption overprevious generation systems using CRT monitors.(1) Thesystem is also available with an optional solar renewable energysource as an alternative power choice for customers.

“HP has been a pioneer ofdesigning products with the goal of reducing environmental impactwhile maximizing overall value for our customers for more than 15years,” said Todd Bradley, executive vice president, PersonalSystems Group, HP. “We believe, in the long term, what’s right forthe environment is what’s good for business.”

In addition to theEPEAT-Gold registration, the rp5700 platform meets or exceedsseveral other environmental standards, such as the EnvironmentalProtection Agency’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines forpost-consumer recycled content in packaging; and the EuropeanUnion’s RoHS. It also joins the HP portfolio of businessdesktops introduced in January that meet both the ENERGYSTAR®4.0 and 80 Plus® energy-efficiency requirements. Moreover, as withall HP PCs, an IT ECO Declaration – the European Nordic country ITenvironmental declaration scheme – is readily available.

Built on the HP rp5700Point of Sale platform, the new HP rp5700 business desktop featuresa five-year lifecycle – the longest of any business PC in theindustry. Longer lifecycles help customers avoid frequent platformtransitions and image rebuilds, resulting in fewer costly softwareand hardware configurations to manage.

The HP rp5700 businessdesktop was designed for general business users in such industriesas retail, healthcare, banking, manufacturing and distributionwhere long-term stability is paramount. The system features a smallform factor design and was engineered to run in higher temperatures-- up to 40 C ambient versus the current industry standard of 35 Cambient – making it ideal for use in enclosures or kiosks.

Availability andpricing

Available in the UnitedStates direct from HP or authorized resellers beginning June 4, theHP rp5700 desktop may be configured with a broad choice oftechnology features, such as Intel® Core™ 2 Duo(2,3)processors up to 2.13 GHz, up to 4 gigabytes(4) DDR2Synch DRAM memory, SATA hard drives as large as 250 GB,(5)factory-configured RAID factory 1 for real-time data backup andchoice of Microsoft Windows Vista™ Business,(6)Microsoft Windows XP or FreeDOS operatingsystems.(7)

An introductory-levelsystem meeting the EPEAT-Gold criteria, includes an Intel Celeron®440 processor, 512 MB memory and Microsoft Windows XP Pro and isavailable for an estimated U.S. list price of $817.(7) Additionalconfigurations start as low as $648.(7,8) Moreinformation about HP rp5700 business desktop is available

About EPEAT and theEPEAT Standard

The Electronic ProductsEnvironmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is an easy-to-use tool torank computer desktops, laptops and monitors based on theirenvironmental attributes. The three-tiered EPEAT rating systemincludes 23 required criteria and 28 optional criteria. Theoptional criteria are used to determine if the equipment receivesEPEAT Bronze, Silver, or Gold recognition. Visit for additional information.

About GreenElectronics Council

The Green ElectronicsCouncil partners with environmental organizations, governmentagencies, manufacturers and other interested stakeholders toimprove the environmental and social performance of electronicproducts. In January 2006, it received a grant from the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency to promote and implement the EPEATgreen computer standard. Visit for additional information.


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(1) This is notintended to represent actual savings a customer may expect to see.The following illustration of possible savings calculations arebased on PCMark 05 benchmark testing results. The PCMark 05benchmark testing results are available at HP internal testingand customer results will vary. Variables include customerdetermined percentage of sleep state, idle state, productivitystate, and peak usage state. Also, manufacturing variability andactual customer usage patterns, including applications or solutionscurrently operating in customer environment, will affect anysavings a customer may see. HP strongly encourages customers totest a system with an 80 percent efficient power supply in theirenvironment to better determine any potential savings. No tool canadequately recreate customer’s usage pattern and environment. Theuse of this tool is solely intended as an illustration potentialsavings based on the PCMark 05 benchmarking.

(2) To takeadvantage of the 64-bit processing capabilities of the Intel Core 2Duo processor, this system requires a separately purchased 64-bitoperating system and 64-bit software products. Given the wide rangeof software applications available, performance of a systemincluding a 64-bit operating system will vary.

(3) TheHyper-Threading feature is a new technology designed to improveperformance of multi-threaded software products; please contactyour software provider to determine software compatibility. Not allcustomers or software applications will benefit from the use ofHyper-Threading technology. Visit for more information.

(4) Above 3 GB,all memory may not be available due to system resourcerequirements.

(5) 1 GB = 1billion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less. Up to 8 GB (forXP and XP Pro) and up to 12 GB (for Vista) is reserved for systemrecovery software.

(6) CertainWindows Vista product features require advanced or additionalhardware. See fordetails. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor can help determine whichfeatures of Windows Vista will run on a computer. To download thetool, visit

(7) Not allcomponents and/or configurations will meet the EPEAT-Gold standard.Visit the HP website or contact a local reseller for details.

(8) Estimatedretail price, actual prices may vary.

Energy Star is aU.S. registered mark of the United States Environmental ProtectionAgency. Intel, Intel Core and Celeron are trademarks or registeredtrademarks of Intel Corp. or its subsidiaries in the United Statesand other countries. Microsoft, Windows and Windows Vista areeither registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. inthe United States and/or other countries.

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