Press Release: April 15, 2013

HP Releases List of Supply Chain Smelters

Company launches industry-first initiative to publish smelters in effort to achieve conflict-free supply chain

PALO ALTO, Calif. — HPtoday published a listof the 195 smelters that have been identified within its supplychain.

HP is the first IT companyto publish its supply chain smelter list and to have the smelteridentification process be independently reviewed. This moveunderscores HP’s leadership toward achieving a conflict-free supplychain by encouraging suppliers to become conflict-free smelter(CFS) certified and urging the entire industry to move towardgreater utilization of conflict-free smelters and refiners.

For more than a decade, themining of minerals used to produce tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold(3TG) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been linked tothe funding of armed groups waging a civil war in the country.These metals are widely used in many industries and are commonlyfound in electronic products.

HP has played a leadingrole in international efforts to achieve conflict-free sourceswithin the DRC, and it helped launch the Electronics Industry CitizenshipCoalition (EICC) and Globale-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) Extractives work group. Thiswork group has established the CFS Program.

“We approached this issuewith the same rigor as other complex operating challenges and haveachieved something notable,” said Tony Prophet, senior vicepresident, Supply Chain Operations, Printers and Personal SystemsGroup, HP. “We are committed to collaborating across our supplychain as well as with NGOs and industry organizations to driveresponsible sourcing within the Democratic Republic of the Congoand achieve a Conflict-Free Supply Chain.”

As part of its commitmentto work toward solutions in the DRC and neighboring countries, HPhas been active with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), industryorganizations and government entities, including the EnoughProject, the U.S. State Department and the Organisation forEconomic Co-operation and Development. 

“HP has shown leadershipthroughout the past four years around addressing conflict mineralswithin its supply chain. Publishing its list of smelters is anothersignificant step in the right direction, because it puts pressureon smelters to be audited as conflict free,” said Sasha Lezhnev,senior policy analyst, the Enough Project. “Just a year ago,companies were afraid of publishing lists of smelters, but thisadded layer of transparency can help get our consumer products tobe conflict free." 

HP is committed toproviding an increased level of supply chain transparency for itscustomers and other external stakeholders. In 2008, HP was thefirst IT company to begin to publish its first-tier suppliernames—representing approximately 95 percent of HP supplier spend.Along with the smelter list publication, HP today also ispublishing the factory street addresses and product types of itsproduct finalassembly suppliers

These initiatives are apart of HP’s larger Supply Chain Social and Environmental Responsibility programand underscore its leadership in managing its supply chain to thehighest ethical standards.

HP has one of theindustry’s most extensive supply chains, comprising more than 1,000production suppliers and tens of thousands of nonproductionsuppliers, and spanning more than 45 countries and territories.

HP continues to work withsuppliers around the globe to deliver substantial and lastingsocial and environmental performance improvements on a broad rangeof topics, including labor and ethics, health and safety,environment, and management systems.

Additional informationabout HP’s commitment to conflict-free minerals is available at

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