Press Kit: September 22, 2015

HP LaserJet Security Launch


Today, HP announced three new enterprise class LaserJet printers that deliver increased protection against malicious attacks. The stronger security is part of a broader HP strategy to provide the deepest security across PCs and printers.

Based on HP review of 2015 published embedded security features of competitive in-class printers. Only HP offers a combination of security features for integrity checking down to the BIOS with self-healing capabilities. A FutureSmart service pack update may be required to activate security features on the HP LaserJet M527, M506, M577. Some features will be made available as a HP FutureSmart service pack update on select existing enterprise printer models. For list of compatible products, click here. For more information visit:

News Release: September 22, 2015
HP Announces World’s Most Secure Printers

Executive Biographies

Alfredo Yepez

Director, Sales and Marketing, Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking, HP Multi-Country Area

David Joseph Ryan

General Manager, Print Business Group, 

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Alan Wilson

Vice president, Solutions Infrastructure Practice, Technology Services