Get Started Volunteering

Ask any volunteer who benefits the most from their efforts and you’ll get the same answer. “I do!” By giving, you gain – experience, a sense of satisfaction, new skills, a rich network of contacts, a deeper understanding of society’s problems, and pride.

One person can make a profound impact. And it all starts with these steps.

Find the right volunteer opportunity.

Choose something you're passionate about that matches yours skills, interest and schedule. What issues interest you? What problems do you face in your local community? You can volunteer on an ongoing basis, or occasionally - for a specific cause or segment of society. You can work alone, or in a team, face-to-face or connected electronically.

Another way you can help is to apply your skills to the greater good. Join a movement of individuals using their professional expertise in marketing, human resources, technology, strategy, design and more to strengthen their communities.

Here are two great places to start.

The Taproot Foundation is a nonprofit organization that makes business talent available to organizations working to improve society. You can search for a wide range of pro bono projects.

Plan and lead an event.

Interested in planning an event and recruiting other volunteers? Great! Simply click here to access a detailed project guide and tools.

Project Tools

Success lies in great planning. Here are some good resources to help you develop your master plan.

Activity Planning

Master Plan Worksheet
Project Task List
Volunteer Project Timeline
The big day has arrived – these resources will help you to manage your volunteers at the event to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Leading the Project

Project Day Event
Project Day Checklist
Project Day Timeline
The project is over – don’t forget to thank your volunteers and conduct a survey to gather feedback!

Project Followup

Post Project Survey
Thank You from Project Lead