Living example: eHealth Centers

eHealth Center

eHealth Centers leverage cloud-based IT and data-sharing systems to deliver 21st century healthcare services and medical diagnostics to people in remote, resource-poor locations anywhere in the world.


  • In India for example, 75% of the country’s healthcare infrastructure and resources are concentrated in urban populations where only 27% of the population lives.
  • Nearly 90% of rural Indian patients travel more than 8 km to access basic medical services, and the rest travel even farther.
  • Existing health clinics often lack high-quality medical care.


  • Provide 21st century healthcare services to patients in rural or other underserved areas by utilizing HP’s innovative technologies and solutions to create access for remote locations.


  • eHealth Centers leverage HP expertise and technology to provide quality, affordable primary healthcare services to people living in resource-poor locations around the world.
  • eHealth Centers are designed to integrate into a broader healthcare network of services or they can be deployed independently, depending on a community’s existing infrastructure. They serve communities that often lack doctors, functional clinics, Internet access, or even electricity.
  • Developed in partnership with the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (India) and other reputable, leading healthcare providers and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), eHealth Centers come fully equipped with key medical diagnostic equipment and HP workstations, open electronic medical records (EMR) systems and HP cloud-enabled technology. This groundbreaking framework allows on-site staff members to perform diagnostic tests and send results to doctors half a world away for a remote diagnosis, or consult off-site specialists in real time using the solution’s integrated videoconferencing features.
  • The HP cloud solution also assists in collecting and analyzing data to further personalize the healthcare experience and facilitate community-wide health monitoring and management.
  • We have deployed 40 eHealth Centers to serve villages in India, and received more than 78,000 patient visits.
  • In 2014, we also opened an eHealth Center in Bhutan and began development of two more in the Philippines. In partnership with the Asian Development Bank and the Philippines Disaster Recovery Foundation, these are being deployed to regions still recovering from the devastating impact of Typhoon Haiyan.


Human Progress:   Provides access to high-quality medical care in communities, where people lack access to such provisions—enabling early intervention and treatment of common health problems without traveling great distances.

Economic Progress:   Healthier people lead more productive lives, participate in their local and global economies, and develop innovative ideas to help address community problems.