Working in comfort – Typing style

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Typing style

Observe your typing style and notice how you use your fingers and hands. Avoid keeping any unnecessary tension in your thumbs and fingers. Observe whether you have a heavy touch or a light touch while typing. Use the minimum amount of force needed to depress the keys.

Relax all of your fingers while typing and pointing; notice and release excess tension. This sounds simple, but it may take repeated effort and attention to turn this into a good habit.

Do not hold unnecessary tension in any of your fingers - including those not touching keys or the pointing device, as well as those actively typing or pointing.

Reaching for keys and key combinations
To reach keys that are not near your keyboard's home row, move your whole arm; avoid overstretching your fingers. When pressing two keys simultaneously, such as Ctrl+C or Alt+F, use two hands instead of contorting your hand and fingers to reach both keys.


Keep it light
If your typing is on the heavy side, teach yourself to lighten up. Press the keys more gently.

"Hunt-and-peck" typing
Non-touch-typing causes the neck to bend forward. Learn how to touch-type so you do not need to look down at the keyboard as often.


Avoid banging on the keys or using more force than the keys require.