Electrical and mechanical safety information

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Electrical and mechanical safety information

HP products are designed to operate safely when installed and used according to the product instructions and general safety practices. The guidelines included in this section explain the potential risks associated with computer operation and provide important safety practices designed to minimize these risks. By carefully following the information contained in this section and the specific instructions provided with your product, you can protect yourself from hazards and create a safer computer work environment.

This section provides information on the following topics:

  • Product safety policy
  • Product installation requirements
  • General safety precautions for all HP products

If you have a serious concern regarding the safe use of your equipment that your HP authorized service provider cannot address, call HP Customer Support for your area.

Product safety policy and general practice
HP products are designed and tested to meet IEC60950, the Standard for the Safety of Information Technology Equipment. This is the International Electrotechnical Commission's safety standard covering the type of equipment that HP manufactures. This also covers the national implementation of IEC60950 based safety standards around the world.