Finding your comfort zone – Feet, knees and legs

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Feet, knees, and legs

Make sure your feet can rest solidly and comfortably on the floor while sitting. Use an adjustable work surface and chair that allow your feet to rest firmly on the floor, or use a footrest. If you use a footrest, be sure it is wide enough to accommodate different leg positions within your comfort zone.

Rest your feet firmly on the floor or a footrest.

Do not dangle your feet and compress your thighs.

Providing enough leg room
Be sure you have sufficient space under your work surface for your knees and legs. Avoid concentrated pressure points along the underside of your thigh near the knee and the back side of your lower leg. Stretch your legs and vary your leg posture throughout the day.


Get up from your desk frequently and take brief walks.

Leg comfort
Vary your leg positions throughout the day.


Avoid placing boxes or other items under your desk that limit your leg room. You should be able to pull yourself all the way up to your desk without interference.