Product return and recycling

Since 1987 when we began recycling hardware, HP has recovered over 2.3 billion pounds of products for reuse and recycling. HP helps extend the life of IT hardware through our remanufacturing programs, reducing environmental impacts and making IT equipment accessible to more people. We recycle products that are no longer suitable for reuse.

HP has produced more than 1.5 billion HP LaserJet and ink cartridges that contain content from our “closed-loop” recycling process, as cartridges and parts are reduced to raw materials that can be used to make new cartridges and other metal and plastic products.

HP ink and LaserJet toner cartridges

HP provides many free and convenient options to recycle your used Original HP cartridges and supplies.

Consumer and home office equipment

HP has various recycling options for used equipment, including FREE recycling for all brands of equipment through our partnerships with Staples and FedEx in the U.S. Find a Staples near you or get a FedEx shipping and recycling voucher.

Business equipment

HP Recycling Services will create a custom recycling program for business customers including asset destruction and disposal.

Large format printing materials

A free program for business customers to return signage printed using selected recyclable HP large format media.

Batteries from notebooks and smartphones

Looking to recycle your old notebook batteries? We can help with that too.

Cell phones - any brand

Free for customers in California who purchased a new HP phone product.

HP/Compaq mercury lamps, assemblies, user replaceable

Free for customers in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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