HP's strong commitment to environmental sustainability has once again helped us earn a top spot on NEWSWEEK’s 2011 Green Rankings. This is the third year in a row that HP has placed high on these rankings.

HP retained its #2 spot on NEWSWEEK's 2011 Green Rankings out of 500 US companies, and is one of the only two American companies listed in the top 15 on their Global 500 list.

This year’s results highlight HP’s continued commitment to drive sustainability across our own operations and develop sustainable products and solutions for our customers. These efforts include a focus on designing solutions that lower energy costs, reduce the carbon footprints of their users, and decrease the amount of raw materials used. We also strive to lower the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from product manufacture, transport, and use—and drive energy efficiencies throughout our supply chain – the industry’s largest. And HP pioneered reuse and recycling programs, including an innovative “closed loop” ink cartridge recycling process, that is helping us and our customers conserve resources and reduce waste.

Creating a “green score”

A company’s placement on the NEWSWEEK Green Rankings lists was determined by an overall “green score,” which was derived from research and analysis provided by Trucost and Sustainalytics, two leading environmental research firms. Scores were based on each company’s environmental performance in the following areas:

— Environmental impact—Assessment of the overall environmental footprint of a company’s global operations, including greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and solid waste disposal

— Environmental management—Evaluation of how a company manages its environmental performance through its policies, programs, targets, and initiatives

— Disclosure—Review of a company’s sustainability reporting and transparency initiatives with regards to its environmental data