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Consumer/End-User Advice

The WEEE directive became UK law on January 2nd 2007. The regulations were enforced from 1st July 2007 and are now live. If you are a private household customer, then you should drop off your end of life products at your local authority collection point for recycling. These and other collection points are available to you - your local authority will be able to provide more information.

HP has recycled computer and printer hardware since 1987. Our end-of-life programs benefit our customers and the environment as well as our business. In addition to the millions of products that we recycle, we collect approximately 2.5 million hardware products each year that are refurbished or resold. HP's Planet Partners recycling service provides an easy way to recycle computer equipment and HP printing supplies. HP's state-of-the-art processes ensure that unwanted hardware or empty HP printing supplies are recycled responsibly.

HP's WEEE registration number is WEE/EJ0076US. This means that HP is a registered producer under the UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2007.

If you are an HP business customer then please see further information below.

WEEE compliance statement

Recycling Services for Commercial Customers

Services Provided

  • Collection of equipment from the customer

  • Transportation to an HP authorized sorting and waste facility

  • Management and control of the whole logistic and recycling chain

  • Special solutions by arrangement

  • Certificate of disposal

Request take back services

To request these services, or to ask for an offer, HP business customers should fill in a form on the websites of our partners.

For recycling services in UK, click here

For recycling services in other countries click here

Offers (Alternatives)

  • Redemption and disposal of IT hardware of any producer. Offer applies only to HP Partners and business customers.

  • Development of customer specific special solutions like controlled destructions of data on data media and/or de-installation of existing hardware.

Prices for Business Customers in the EU

HP will provide free recycling of all electronic equipment once a customer has returned the equipment to an HP designated collection point and where a replacement product is being supplied by HP. Where a replacement product is not being supplied, recycling services can be provided on request at additional cost. A certificate of disposal will be supplied by HP. Where national legislation dictates that other services should be offered, we will adapt our service to be compliant.

Costs for logistics and special services (disassembly and/or controlled destruction of data) will be calculated individually, based on the current market price.

Important notice

This offer only includes disposal/recycling. It does not include services such as buy back and/or resale of used hardware. If you have hardware for resale or buyback, then please follow this link.