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Leveraging decades of printing leadership—and inspired by creative collaboration with materials and software solutions—the complete HP Multi Jet Fusion solution is built on HP’s proprietary synchronous architecture and multi-agent printing process.

1 HP Multi Jet FusionTM technology leverages proprietary HP Thermal Inkjet technology, enabling lower cost systems that output similar quality to more expensive devices—such as selective laser sintering (SLS)—and speed.
2 Based on internal HP testing of part build time, for a set of representative parts in batch process comparing HP Thermal Inkjet based Multi Jet FusionTM technology to the leading 3D printing technologies in the U.S—selective laser sintering (SLS) and fused deposition modeling—as of October, 2014.
3 Compared to selective laser sintering (SLS) and fused deposition modeling technologies, HP Multi Jet FusionTM technology can reduce the overall energy requirements needed to attain full fusing and reduce the system requirements for large, vacuum-sealed ovens. In addition, HP Multi Jet FusionTM technology uses less heating power than SLS systems for better material properties and material reuse rates, minimizing waste. Finally, the combination of breakthrough economics and speed amplifies the total cost of ownership advantage of HP Multi Jet FusionTM technology.