HP application certification process

HP’s application certification process is designed to ensure that you receive the best possible experience with your chosen application on HP Workstations. Here are just a few of the activities we engage in:

  • Equip ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) with HP Z Workstations and Mobile Workstation for certification, testing, and ongoing support
  • Perform in-depth whole system testing and performance measurement
  • Coordinate the resolution of hardware-related issues between technology partners
  • Publish certified configurations on hp.com
  • Capture driver certification records in HP Performance Advisor to facilitate graphics driver selection.

Certification allows you to work with confidence

Certification ensures that HP’s workstation hardware solution is compatible with the software products that will run on it. At HP, we work closely with our ISVs from the beginning – both in the development of new hardware and in the design of new software or a software revision. Our goal is to ensure that each step of the design process optimizes performance on both sides.

Our technology partners also work closely either directly with us in the ISV certification process testing, optimizing, and certifying as part of a whole system solution or directly with the ISV for optimal compatibility at a component level.

These tight partnerships, designed to create a fully certified HP Workstation ISV solution, ensure a wholly compatible experience between hardware and software that is stable and designed to perform.

For HP Workstations, it's not enough that you simply have peace of mind, but that you work with confidence.

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ISV Certification is available on all current and previous generation Z Desktop and ZBook mobile workstations.

Please note: Some software vendors do not test the exact combinations of hardware listed here, but rather publish a minimum configuration specification they will support. When an HP workstation model can be configured to meet and exceed that minimum specification, it will be included in this database. For example, Adobe does not test every HP workstation model and each supported graphics card with Premiere Pro; they document their minimum requirements and Z workstations that meet that requirement can be found through this tool.