Why should you use HP PC Hardware Diagnostics?

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The HP PC Hardware Diagnostics application is a comprehensive set of tests to help you identify, isolate, and diagnose possible hardware issues in your HP personal systems computer. The tool is easy to use, and taking just a few simple steps can greatly assist you in troubleshooting hardware problems quickly – either on your own, or with the assistance of HP Support agents. Developed by HP and preinstalled on almost all HP PCs starting in 2009, HP PC Hardware Diagnostics brings years of hardware experience and expertise right to your desktop!

Feature Benefit

No operating system required

Broken Windows? Don’t worry! Even if your operating system has been corrupted or erased, you’re OK – HP PC Hardware Diagnostics runs before your operating system boots.

No hard drive required

Your hard drive isn’t working? Well, you can still test it to see what might be wrong! HP PC Hardware Diagnostics can be run from a USB flash drive.

Safe and secure

Worried about viruses and malware? HP PC Hardware Diagnostics runs before your operating system, and is both encrypted and digitally signed.

Up to date

HP PC Hardware Diagnostics are consistently updated to take advantage of the latest advances in HP technology, as well as to more fully integrate with the HP support environment and tools such as HP Support Assistant.

For support with a faster response, have your 24 digit Failure ID code available and ready to enter on your product's HP Support Page:

You can reach your product's HP Support Page by visiting www.hp.com/support and entering your product information.