Unlock new markets with HP digital printing.

Transform your business by exploiting new market opportunities using digital high-speed inkjet web presses. Profitably produce targeted editions that meet and exceed your advertisers’ expectations and reader’s priorities. Newspaper publishers who adopt digital high-speed inkjet printing can improve the health of their publishing business and open new revenue streams.

Launch new products and markets
  • Produce local news and advertising inserts for mass circulation publications.
  • Create high-margin offerings to advertisers, such as targeted advertisements matched with editorial content, personalized printing, targeted coupons, and advertising flyers.
  • Expand into international and ex-pat editions, printed locally in short-runs.
Enhance efficiency across many aspects of your operation
  • Manage long and short runs – Reduce distribution costs and times by using smaller digital print facilities at multiple locations closer to circulation clusters.
  • Reduce waste – With HP inkjet printing, even the first print is sellable.
Improve your environmental performance
  • Reduce waste – Setup uses minimal paper and ink; you can reduce overprints by producing only the quantities needed.
  • Decrease the carbon footprint of transportation, by printing in multiple locations closer to your readers.

HP PageWide Web Presses excel at meeting the demanding requirements of newspaper publishing, while providing all the flexibility benefits of digital printing. You can print in standard formats, using standard substrates, and achieve print quality comparable with offset. With high productivity, attractive economics, and market-proven reliability, you can gain new efficiencies, and leverage your investment to expand beyond newspapers.

HP digital technology is empowering companies the world over

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Discover how O’Neil Data Systems met Investor's Business Daily’s customized needs at full speed with top quality printing on its HP PageWide Presses.
(PDF, 408KB )
Find out how Hearst Magazines created low-cost personalized advertising inserts that drew a more than 4% reader response.
(PDF, 640KB)
See how CSQ offers flexible digital printing solutions to newspaper publisher.
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