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“Cloud Master”?

Move from your legacy IT model into a dynamic service-centric, hybrid delivery model. Applications and infrastructure services become shared, flexible IT pools that drive new efficiencies and opportunities.

HP consultants can guide you through every stage of the cloud development process to help you:

  • Define your cloud direction and strategy
  • Facilitate a business-of-IT discussion
  • Develop an execution plan, business case, and project roadmap
  • Design your cloud infrastructure and plan your implementation
  • Build an enterprise-ready cloud specifically for your business
  • Manage security, compliance, and governance issues
  • Ensure ongoing education and support

Lay a secure, high-performance foundation with proven HP solutions and best practices from the Intel® Cloud Builders initiative.

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Master your cloud from planning to delivery

At HP, our experts help you understand all aspects of the cloud models, analyze your current state, plan for the future, and help you design and build your cloud solution.

Planning your journey to cloud

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