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As a hosting service provider, you face different software licensing challenges to enterprise clients. The licensing profile of Infrastructure, Platform and Application solutions can be very complex.

Additionally, the hosting business is evolving from an emerging state into mainstream adoption and more and more cloud is being integrated into the wider IT agenda. You need expert advice on the licensing implications and options associated with these changes.

HPE Software Licensing Advisory Services for Hosting can help you develop a licensing strategy for cloud solutions you offer to your customers, based on an optimum mix of Service Provider Licensing Agreements (SPLA) and/or outsourcer enrollments and taking into account your existing licensing mobility rights and licensing preferences. Our service provides you with data, documents and workshops that facilitate optimum decision making in a short timeframe.

HPE SLMS is a trailblazer in the service provider software licensing market. We can offer you advice and ongoing support for the latest Service Provider licensing programs and options – one solution for all of your service provider needs all over the globe.

Unique Value

    • Trusted and proven partner with more than 20 years’ experience as a global software licensing advisor, reseller & SAM services partner
    • HPE holds multiple accreditations from a variety of software vendors worldwide, we are recognized as one of Microsoft's top global Service Provider Licensing Agreement resellers, and License Solution Providers (LSPs). Trust HPE SLMS as your broker across more than 1000 different vendors, including support for Citrix Service Provider (CSP) Program and VMware vCloud Air Network Program (vCAN).
    • A portfolio of services to address your full software license lifecycle to drive cost reduction and efficiencies in client organization.

Service Availability

HPE SLAS4H is available today to clients in all regions.
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