Office 365 is now an established product in the marketplace, with an ever increasing lineup of products and purchasing options that offer great flexibility, and are designed to fit the needs of all company sizes and needs. The available offerings have been introduced at different times, and are detailed over several Microsoft webpages and documents.

HP SLMS would like to give you a one-stop overview of all available combinations, and invite you to talk to us to find out more about any of them in more detail.


Office 365 products are available for two user types:

“Kiosk workers” are deskless workers who need occasional access to Exchange or SharePoint, or need light document processing capabilities. Office 365 “K” plans have been designed for this kind of user.

“Information workers” are the more typical office workers who need access to email, shared documents, instant messaging and voice communication as well as advanced document processing capabilities. For these users Microsoft has created the standalone Office365 and “E” plans.


Office 365’s focus is primarily on productivity. These user-based subscriptions are designed to allow workers to create, process and store documents in shared locations, as well as communicate with each other via email, IM and voice.

Customers can purchase basic or advanced capability for a single workload (Exchange Online, or SharePoint Online), or bundle several workloads in a “plan” that offers great value for money. This flexibility allows you to tailor your Office 365 estate to your company’s user and workload requirements, ensuring that all users have all the functionalities they need, and only the functionalities they need.

Read all Office 365 options here.

How to choose?

As you can see there are many options, many products and many combinations that could suit your company size, structure and purchasing strategy. Every option carries advantages, disadvantages, costs and savings.

The best way to make an informed choice is to talk to your local SLMS Sales Specialist regarding your specific requirements and pain points. Together with you, HP SLMS will review your current agreements, and determine the best solution your current and future productivity needs.

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