The Microsoft Products and Services Agreement is the first product of Microsoft’s Next Generation of Volume Licensing project. MPSA is now available worldwide with very few exceptions (People’s Republic of China, India, Turkey). MPSA is a great replacement for the Select Plus agreement - which is soon to be retired for commercial customers.

Public Sector and Academic

MPSA is now available to Public Sector and Academic customers, with special pricing and conditions.

The MPSA allows Government and Academic entities to have one single licensing agreement - the MPSA - and it can be customized to include on premises and Online Services licenses as desired.

Once an MPSA is signed, the organization gets a single view of its related assets. This is useful if an organization wants a high level of centralized control in terms of the licenses in use by affiliates.

MPSA also allows Government and Academic organizations the option to sign just one MPSA, and have separate Purchasing Accounts* for each affiliate. With MPSA, organizations have the flexibility for each Purchasing Account to purchase whatever licenses it needs.

*A Purchasing Account can represent the whole company, a country or regional subsidiary, or even a single department, allowing you to set up your agreement based on your own purchasing structure.

The following special features are available to Public Sector and Academic customers only:

  • Offer End Date: Some Public Sector RFPs or Public Tenders (Government and/or Academic customers) may require that agreements have a specific end date. As MPSA is an evergreen agreement, Public Sector customers get the option to establish an Offer End Date for a Purchasing Account. When this option is selected, subscription terms will not extend beyond this date. It is possible to extend this date, if needed.
  • Billing in arrears: It is now possible for Partners to invoice after services have been rendered. It is only available for Online Services (OLS) products and monthly or quarterly options can be chosen on an order by order basis. Additionally, it aligns to account anniversary, versus usage start date.
  • Exclusion of Professional Services: In the event that a customer cannot sign a combined Professional Services and software agreement, they may exclude professional services.
  • Mid-Term Cancellations: In the case of non-appropriation of funds, mid-term cancellations are available for Government and Academic customers only (not available in EMEA)
  • Pricing: Government and Academic Purchasing Accounts have a single price level reflecting the most beneficial pricing that Microsoft can offer through the MPSA. For eligible Government organizations, on-premises licenses are priced equivalent to Select Plus Level D. For eligible Academic customers, on-premises license pricing is equivalent to Select Plus for Academic Pricing (Level A).

The key benefits & features available to all MPSA customers are:

  • A new electronic agreement signature process, quick and easy (physical signature is also available), with clearer and more concise terms and conditions.
  • Simplified agreement structure: each MPSA is made up of a central agreement covering the whole organization, and Purchasing Accounts that identify the ordering entities within the organization.
  • Purchasing Account (PA) structure brings great flexibility so your organization can structure its PAs to cover the whole company, a country or regional subsidiary, or even a single department, allowing MPSA agreement based on your organization’s purchasing structure.
  • It is possible to have Commercial, Government and Academic Purchasing Accounts under the same MPSA Agreement.
  • Availability of both Online Services and on-premise licenses under the same agreement - this is a major improvement compared to Select Plus – where Online Services is not available.
  • The price level that applies to the MPSA agreement is based on combined Online Services and On-premise license purchases, providing better value than Select Plus for customers who purchase both license types today.
  • MPSA agreement and license information is hosted on a brand new customer portal, designed for easy management of licensing entitlements and Software Assurance benefits. The portal features improved user management and the possibility to run customized reports.

Software Assurance

Viewing and managing your Software Assurance benefits is much easier on the Microsoft Volume Licensing Center, the new customer portal that Microsoft has purpose-built for MPSA. Calculation of the benefit entitlement is also easier, thanks to a points-value method.

Software Assurance: better experience, simplified calculation

Software Assurance coverage & benefits available under MPSA

MPSA Pricing

Existing Microsoft price tiers (A –D) for Select and Select Plus also apply to MPSA for Commercial Customers.

Customers with existing Select Plus or Enterprise Agreements can benefit from the same price levels under MPSA by linking the pools from their existing agreement to their MPSA.

Price TierPoints per Pool

Government and Academic customers will enjoy special pricing at Level D and A respectively.

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