Come hear Gwen Moylette, HP Software Licensing Advisory Services for Cloud (SLAS4C) Specialist, address the complexity of software licensing in the New Style of IT.

Did you know? You can now use HP's extensive multivendor software licensing expertise and solutions to understand and address the licensing implications of implementing and using cloud based applications.

SLAS4C helps clients evaluate and compare their licensing options when planning a move from on-premise software to off-premise/cloud/hybrid solutions, paying particular attention to key topics such as software licensing use rights, cost optimization, and vendor terms and conditions including contract analysis.

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- Location 4173: Licensing your software for Cloud demo

-Location Cloud Area: Guru Bar and Strategy SLAS4C demo

Come speak to Gwen Moylette, SLAS4C Specialist on June 12, 12:45pm at:

-Location DF3779: Cloud Discussion Forum

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