Subscription Advantage provides you with access to the latest product version updates made available during your membership term. These updates include major changes to the product architecture and updates to the feature set of a product. Citrix software products eligible for participating in the Subscription Advantage program come with the first year of Subscription Advantage embedded into the cost of the product. All subscription advance after the first 12 months will need to be renewed. HPE SLMS would love the opportunity to quote you for your Citrix Subscription Advantage renewals and benefit from the Citrix & HPE Partnership.

Subscription Advantage renewals are managed via Citrix Partner Central The only requirement is that you select Hewlett Packard Enterprise Galway as your preferred solutions advisor on Citrix Partner Central. This small change will enable HPE SLMS to issue you with a quotation for the Citrix Subscription Advantage renewal so you can evaluate the pricing options.

If you have any questions please contact your local SLMS Sales Specialist or

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