Easily and cost-effectively capture, manage, and route paper and electronic information.

Organizations of all types are facing an overwhelming amount of paper and electronic information. HP Capture and Route, an HP JetAdvantage Workflow Solution, makes it easy to manage, update, and route information — accurately and efficiently.

With HP Capture and Route, it's one-button simple to capture a document and route it to where it's needed. Now documents can become more accessible and easier to find, distribute, and track. This increases productivity and streamlines processes, while reducing costs, supporting record retention, document security, and privacy requirements.


HP JetAdvantage Capture and Route can be extended to virtually any mobile device. The HP JetAdvantage Mobile Client for HP Capture and Route transforms your smartphone or tablet into a document capture device that lets you submit a variety of digital text and image files to multiple destinations, including fax, email, content management systems, network file folders, and cloud-based storage.

With HP JetAdvantage Workflow solution Capture and Route, your organization can:

Capture documents quickly and accurately

HP Capture and Route is a scalable Workflow Solution that makes it easy for your team to control and track scanned content, and distribute documents with the touch of a button to back-office applications, fax lines, and online destinations such as Microsoft SharePoint®, and OneDrive.

Realize quick return on investment

Reduce printing and shipping costs, eliminate dedicated fax lines, free up valuable office space, and save money on facility fees for document storage and retrieval.
Companies or departments of any size can realize a quick return on investment with this cost-effective solution.

Make faxing cheaper, more reliable, and secure

HP Capture and Route provides a full fax over IP solution to replace expensive analog fax lines. In addition to reducing costs, security and compliance is achieved by providing a full audit trail of all fax activity. Faxing becomes more reliable with robust failover, retry, and redundancy capabilities built into the HP Capture and Route server. Finally, productivity can be increased by delivering faxes directly to electronic destinations such as email rather than printing them.

Increase document and data security

HP Capture and Route integrates with authentication solutions such as HP Access Control to monitor what users are scanning and to provide them access to the workflows applicable to their job role. All data is encrypted while in transit and while at rest on the server. With HP Capture and Route Data Loss Prevention, documents can be searched for sensitive content such as Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or Sensitive Personal Information (SPI). Offending documents can be stopped from reaching their destination and employees can be coached on best practices for handling confidential information.

Scale and upgrade easily

Implement HP JetAdvantage Capture and Route in one department, and then expand across the business as needed. Deployment of this solution is supported by HP Web Jetadmin.
The solution supports redundancy and the ability to add more processing power as document workload increases.


With HP Capture and Route Mobile Client, your organization can:

Stay productive on the go

Give mobile users the ease, freedom and security to scan or create scan reservations along with the ability to access personal distribution list through an easy-to-use Mobile Client interface. Save time by submitting a variety of digital files directly from your mobile device.


Share Information without delay

Set up new distributions and workflows from wherever you’re working—they stay accessible on your mobile device and from the control panel of your office MFP or scanner. You can manage and distribute any document stored on your smartphone or tablet to virtually any destination. Mobile Client allows you to deliver relevant scan information and metadata directly from your mobile device to your scan destination.


Manage scan jobs efficiently from anywhere

Stay up to date—the HP JetAdvantage Mobile Print Solutions include the Mobile Client for HP Capture and Route that alerts you when it has received your documents and begun processing them. You can attach existing digital files from your mobile device to a scan reservation, so they are ready to distribute with other documents as soon as you’ve finished scanning.


HP Capture and Route works with you to assess, deploy, and manage an imaging and printing environment tailored to meet your business needs, while helping you reduce costs, conserve resources, and simplify document-intensive processes.