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Finding, collecting, and then publishing product content for your customers to view can be a tedious task, especially if that content is scattered across multiple locations and is formatted in different ways. The Content Aggregator for Products (CAP) tool changes all that. With CAP, you can automatically receive rich content for the products you choose without so much as lifting a finger. It’s as easy as F-T-P.

All content for all HP products — all in one place

CAP is a no-cost, subscription-based service that automates the delivery of rich content for virtually every product and product category offered by HP Inc. eliminating the time-consuming “hunt and gather” process while providing a single, convenient source for rich product content to power your business needs.

Get the content you want, when you want

All content is delivered in XML file format via FTP or SFTP and encompasses a wide variety of media and information types, including:

You can easily specify whether to deliver an entire content package for a specific product, or updates only—whatever best suits your business needs. For your added convenience, all content is delivered already localized to your particular region, although you can specify a different language, if available.

Put CAP to work for you today

If you’re a qualifying HP partner or reseller, CAP is an indispensable tool for simplifying and improving your marketing efforts. To get started, follow the directions below—and put CAP to work for you.

To begin using CAP, you will need to provide your request details and sponsor information. An HP Passport account is required to submit your request form. Upon receipt, your request will go through a review process, which can take several days. Please follow the steps below to get access to CAP: