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Take business productivity to the next level with HP ePrint Enterprise.
“With ePrint Enterprise, we’ve eliminated the inconvenience of our executives having to stop what they’re doing to print a document. Now they just send from their smartphone to the nearest printer.”1

Jayantha Prabhu
Chief Technology Officer
Essar Group

Business has gone mobile. Gone are the days when your employees were bound to their desks in order to work, check email, and communicate with colleagues and customers. Today, smartphones and broadband networks have liberated your workforce, making it possible to connect, compute, and communicate from virtually anywhere business takes them.

Increasingly sophisticated mobile devices that make it easy to tap into cloud services are driving much of this evolution. In 2011, more than 2 billion people connected regularly to the Internet, with approximately half gaining access through non-PC devices.2 And, according to a recent survey, 82% of all employees use smartphones and tablets, primarily for email, phone calls, calendar and texting.3

But one essential business process has lagged behind the mobility trend: printing. Even your most technically savvy business travelers find themselves searching for print services while on the road, or interrupting IT managers when visiting branch offices simply to print a document.

It’s an exercise in frustration, and a drain on productivity. Carrying a laptop, keeping track of cables, and remembering USB drives all get in the way of doing business. Yet, only 42% of companies surveyed enable printing from smartphones and tablets.3

Fortunately, mobile printing is undergoing a change for the better, thanks to the merger of mobile and cloud technologies.

If we’re ever going to tap the potential of mobile printing, it’s time to look to the cloud, which makes it possible to provide real-time access to documents, presentations, reports, photos, and more. All you need to do is log in using a smartphone or tablet and any Internet browser.

The merger of mobile and cloud technologies is one of the most significant enablers of business productivity and innovation of the last decade. And it provided the foundation for a breakthrough in mobile printing: ePrint Enterprise by HP.

HP ePrint Enterprise is the product of a team led by Bernardo Huberman, a Senior HP Fellow and director of the Social Computing Research Group at HP Labs. The first step in the innovation process was recognizing that where, when, and how we work has changed dramatically.

Based on their own experiences, the team recognized that more people are leaving their laptops behind when they travel and relying on their mobile devices to access information. The team realized that the missing element was the ability to print information whenever, wherever the need arose.

The second step was understanding how to apply the benefits of cloud computing to the mobile printing process. The cloud is all about device and location independence, and in that the team saw the opportunity to liberate the liberate the mobile printing experience from operating systems, cables, dedicated printers and physical locations.

That began the process of developing a solution that would send a document to a server in the cloud, convert it to a pdf, and print upon request from a mobile device.

The result of that effort, which was driven by a team led by Sridhar Solur, Director of Mobility and Cloud Services, is HP ePrint Enterprise. Now anyone in your organization can print efficiently and securely from his or her Internet-enabled device to HP and non-HP printers on the network with just a few clicks.4 This advanced mobile solution:
  • Provides a driverless printing application that integrates with your existing IT environment
  • Is easy to manage and can scale to meet the demands of your enterprise
  • Maps and tags specific printers to a business directory so your employees can easily locate printers on a network without needing to know model names or network addresses
  • Gives your employees a simple and intuitive way to print in the office and to thousands of HP ePrint Public Print Locations—from the same application on supported mobile devices

HP ePrint Enterprise users can print securely from anywhere in the world. The document travels through encrypted channels, and the HP ePrint Enterprise administrative software hosted on your server processes the document and renders it for printing. The process is as secure as your trusted enterprise server.

For another layer of security, HP ePrint Enterprise can be configured to support pull printing. Using this method, the user sends a document to a secure print server, and then locates and selects a printer. After reaching the printer, the user confirms his or her identity by using a PIN or other form of verification, and the document is released from the server to the printer.

The HP ePrint Enterprise mobile printing solution is currently available as part of an HP Managed Print Services (MPS) contract. HP MPS is a comprehensive, scalable suite of services that include imaging and printing devices, software, supplies, support, professional services, and solutions—with flexible procurement, transition, and management options.

HP Gloe is a geo-tagging experiment from HP Labs that maps Web content to specific geographic locations. Gloe aims to provide a platform for location-based discovery of information for mobile Web users. This cloud service makes it possible to tag billions of web pages with the location data necessary to make them useful in a mobile, connected world.

Among countless possibilities, Gloe can be used for:
  • Personal bookmarking
  • Discovering local news
  • Virtual tours
  • Geographic polls
  • Searching local businesses
  • Sharing geo-tagged images with friends
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  • 1HP Case Study: Essar Group executives enjoy printing on the move.
  • 2IDC, “IDC Predictions 2011: Welcome to the New Mainstream,” Document #225878, December 2010.
  • 3HP IPG Survey conducted by QuinStreet Enterprise, with Palmer Research: “Mobile Technology in the Enterprise,” August 2012
  • 4HP ePrint Enterprise requires Internet- and email-capable BlackBerry® smartphone OS 4.5 or newer, iPhone® 3G or newer, iPad® and iPod Touch® (2nd gen) devices running iOS 4.2 or later, or Android® devices running version 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3, with separately purchased wireless Internet service, HP ePrint Enterprise server software, and HP ePrint service app. Solution works with PCL5/6, PCL3, PCL3GUI printers (HP and non-HP). BlackBerry requires BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) deployment.