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What’s your office-blooper potential?

What’s your office-blooper potential?

December 2014

Office tech bloopers happen to all of us. But when will the next one strike? Take this quick HP Technology at Work quiz to find out how long you (might) have until the next time you accidentally click the reply-all button on a confidential email, or forget to hit mute on a conference call at the worst possible time. Add up your scores to determine your blooper potential. The clock is ticking…

1) You notice “Error message 89834” pop up on your screen. You:
A: Back away slowly and call IT [2 points]
B: Reboot—that fixes everything, right? [3 points]
C: Hit OK and keep working, it’s probably fine [1 point]
D: Do a Google search on the code [4 points]

2) The worst hurricane in decades is headed your way. You:
A: Start stockpiling toilet paper and duct tape [1point]
B: Grab your server and head for high ground [2 points]
C: Wonder where your cloud backup service is actually located [3 points]
D: Follow the disaster plan, that’s what it’s there for [4 points]

3) You just sent out confidential information to a coworker, only to realize you actually forwarded it to the entire office. You:
A: Freak out, then call up IT to see if they can magically reverse your fortune [2 points]
B: Freak out, then promptly write a follow-up telling everyone to delete the previous email without reading, cross fingers [3 points]
C: Freak out, then start sending out viruses so it looks like your account has been hacked [1 point]
D: Laugh, and thank your lucky stars you have a 5-minute delay on outgoing messages [4 points]

4) You’ve just been informed that your systems may have been compromised by a hacker. You:
A: Reset your passwords and update your antivirus software [2 points]
B: Laugh. They’ll never crack your password which is 1234. You’ve been using it for years without incident. [1 point]
C: Start an internal audit and inform your customers [4 points]
D: Attempt to hire the hacker for your IT department [3 points]

5) You decide to provide some color commentary on a conference call for your coworker, only to realize you forgot to hit the mute button. You:
A: Laugh, then blame your coworker [4 points]
B: Pretend nothing happened and hope no one recognized your voice [2 points]
C: Immediately apologize and explain what just happened [3 points]
D: Go for broke and start airing your other grievances as well [1 point]

How long until your next office tech blooper?

5-9 points: Less than one month
The risk taker: Your carefree approach to life and technology might make you a hit at office parties, but living in the tech danger zone is inherently a high-risk proposition. Have you considered registering for a few HP Care Pack extended warranties?

10-15 points: Three to six months
The wild card: Welcome to the middle of the pack. You often avoid rookie mistakes, but you’re not batting 1.000, either. Still, some business tips might help you stand out from the office crowd—in a good way.

16-20 points: More than six months
The power-user: Your motto is “Be prepared,” and it shows in your mastery of every office tech situation. It’s been a while since your last tech blooper, but stay alert—mistakes can happen to the best of us. You might also think about staying ahead of the curve with HP Proactive Care Services.