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Welcome to the leaner, smarter, faster office

Welcome to the leaner, smarter, faster office

June 2015

“World’s most preferred,”1 “Best-in-class.”2 These are just a couple of the headlines being written about HP’s newest LaserJet printers. But do these distinctions really matter to your business?

The answer is that accolades alone can’t help your office cut costs, or increase your workforce’s productivity. But sometimes there’s a very good reason a product is called the “world’s most preferred.” Here’s how this newest batch of best-in-class HP LaserJet printers can help transform your office, from saving time and money to protecting your important data.

Save money

The problem: Office supply costs
While a paperless office may still be a goal, the day-to-day realities of business are often very different. Far from paperless, the number of pages printed continues to rise, 3 consuming 6-10% of the average business’ IT budget.4

The solution: Print more with less
Original HP Toner cartridges with JetIntelligence are specially engineered to help your printer produce up to 33% more prints, 5 helping you reduce costs and maximize your budget.

Save time

The problem: Time-consuming office tasks
In business, seconds matter, and they tend to add up. The average office worker prints 10,000 pages per year— approximately 40 pages per day3 —and paper use in the average business grows by 25% a year.6 Assuming 10 seconds per page, that’s over 27 hours a year per employee spent waiting at the printer.7

The solution: Spend less time waiting
New HP LaserJet models are up to 40% faster,8 with some offering first-page-out in as fast as six seconds (HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553),9 and the fastest first-page-out-from-sleep in class (HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277)2 to save you time, every day.

Save sensitive data

The problem: Unsecured printouts
In the digital age, many companies focus on computer hacks—but that’s not the only way unauthorized users can gain access. Nearly 90% of enterprises say they have suffered at least one data loss through unsecured printing.10

The solution: Private printing
HP JetAdvantage Private Print11 allows helps safeguard your documents as you print to an HP cloud queue, then authenticate and print them from your supported printer—such as the HP LaserJet Enterprise M553x.

Save space

The problem: Office clutter
A well-organized office environment is more than just aesthetics. According to the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, when your environment is cluttered, the chaos actually restricts your ability to focus and limits your brain’s ability to process information.12

The solution: Easier organization
The new HP LaserJet printers are up to 40% smaller, 8 giving you maximum flexibility in placement to help declutter your office and save valuable office space. Smaller form factors also make finding room on your desk when you need a personal printer that much easier.

Tech that can transform your business
The new HP LaserJet printers directly address your business needs in cost, speed, and reliability, and even use up to 53% less energy.8  Select models also let you print with just a touch of your NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet—no network needed.13

From the world’s first desk laser printer in 198414 to HP’s all-new class of leaner, smarter, faster 2015 models, HP keeps a laser focus on delivering the innovations your business needs to succeed.

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