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Stop cyber shoplifting

Stop cyber shoplifting

August 2015

How to protect your business from cyber shoplifting

We recently explored how opening new, virtual doors to a small or midsized business (SMB) could improve growth. By being able to gather and analyze customer data with the use of business intelligence (BI) tools, SMBs can deliver products and services best suited to their target audience. But just as physical doors need to be guarded against unauthorized entry, it is vital for a business to secure virtual access as well.

Corporate information theft is a real issue. It costs businesses millions of dollars per incident1. It’s no wonder then that 60% of SMBs are worried by data and mobile device deployment security2. How can they, with their limited resources, keep out the bad guys?

The benefits of opening these virtual doors can outweigh the risks of cyber “shoplifting” when the right security solution is put in place. Using a multilayer technology security approach, SMBs can build trusted connections with their customers and, at the same time, ensure the security of their own business data. HP’s Just Right IT solutions for data security offer the right layering approach that can be managed easily and reliably, even with minimal IT resources.

Know the five layers of network protection
Stringent security policies and control settings protect IT systems, prevent data leakage, safeguard privacy, and ensure compliance with new laws governing data security. A best practices, multilayer network security solution needs to include these five layers of protection.

  1. Initial contact control of users and their devices to the business network
  2. Straightforward and easy access for on-boarding users to the network
  3. Confirmation of user identity
  4. Ability to track users while on the network
  5. Quick identification and quarantine of threats

While this might sound like a lot for a small or midsized business to take on, HP Just Right IT has an approach that ensures:

  • Consistent security and access policies across wired and wireless networks with unified management
  • Easy on-boarding and provisioning
  • User authentication, device profiling, and policy enforcement
  • Device and systems monitoring through a single pane-of-glass
  • Intrusion prevention with the ability to detect, filter, and quarantine threats

Consider Just Right IT for complete data protection solutions
HP understands the needs of small and midsized businesses to protect themselves from today’s data security threats and to do so efficiently. That’s why we’ve developed Just Right IT solutions designed with simplicity, reliability, and affordability in mind. When you start with secure and reliable switches and routers from HP to manage wireless and wired access points, you immediately increase the safety of your systems and data. System administrators can tweak their factory-set security settings to ensure the right level of protection.

Layering HP TippingPoint’s Intrusion Prevention System on top adds exclusive malware filters that detect and quarantine threats and attacks, deterring attempts at phishing for and capturing data. Its unmatched filter accuracy assures that known and unknown threats are blocked – not legitimate traffic. Its ability to recognize variants protects against any exploits stemming from that same vulnerability.

Harnessing the power of software-defined networks (SDN), the HP Network Protector adds another layer of protection. Running on the HP Virtual Application Networks (VAM) SDN Controller, HP Network Protector automates network posture assessment and real-time security across OpenFlow-enabled network devices. A simple, free software upgrade download to existing switches to enable OpenFlow when businesses wish to implement this feature. Using the security intelligence provided through the TippingPoint database, HP Network Protector automatically secures the network with real-time detection and blocking of threats.

Finally, HP’s Intelligent Management Center (IMC) provides a single pane of glass view into the management of the entire network. It provides a simpler way to authenticate devices, provision, and monitor access, and reduce the risk of security breaches.

Trust the experts
Building customer loyalty is as important to us as it is to our customers.  That starts with trust.  HP has years of experience in delivering solutions that secure our customers’ assets. We provide technology and education services which can assist them in understanding how to best handle their unique situations. We look forward to helping SMBs build trust with their customers with networks that allow new doors to open to their business securely with Just Right IT.

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[1] Corporate information theft can cost as much as $5.5M per incident according to Ponemon Institute
[2] “I.Signal, WW SMB Top 10 Strategic IT Mindset Issues”, Q4-2014, AMI-Partners