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Servers, switches, storage—success

Servers, switches, storage—success

June 2015

3 go-to technologies to increase productivity, grow your business

The second half of the year is where the rubber meets the road for most growing businesses—where the mid-year evaluation of goals and progress determine what the latter half of the year will bring in terms of revenue and success.

The IT you choose can help you meet those goals and grow your business, with scalability and performance at the top of the list. Investing in new technology for your business can help you gain efficiencies with new applications to position your business for success—not only for a strong second half, but for a much better future.

In fact, we’ve found that our customers often realize greater productivity and less downtime, as well as benefit from increased security. Here are our picks for the three must-have technologies for growing small and midsized businesses (SMBs):

  • HP Gen 9 servers: ML110, ML10 v2: The newest offerings from our reliable, award-winning, line of industry-standard HP Gen9 servers – all engineered for superb performance at an entry-level price.
  • HP Networking: 2900 & 5400R Switches: Networking that combines affordable bandwidth, enterprise-class security and designs that can unify wired and wireless networks.
  • HP Storage: MSA 1040/2040: Storage that enables quick provisioning of new virtual machines (VMs) at an industry-low cost per machine.

HP Gen 9 servers
For many SMBs, the increasing pressure to deliver more applications and services quickly and efficiently can be overwhelming. The need to store and deliver increasing amounts of data, while also reducing costs, is often thwarted by traditional data center and server architectures.

HP ProLiant Gen 9 servers deliver the performance, agility, and economics that SMBs need to succeed in today’s “New Style of IT.” HP ProLiant servers are also optimized for multiple workloads, which includes virtualization and cloud opportunities to enable SMBs to implement collaborative tools and efficient new applications to workers that need to conduct business while in or out of the office.

HP Networking: 2900 & 5400R Switches
As businesses begin to implement mobility, big data, cloud, and other productivity-boosting technologies, IT managers often discover the limits of legacy networking devices. Many SMBs lack the IT resources and networking specialization to deal with complex networking environments.

For growing small businesses, unified wired and wireless hardware solutions simplify and reduce hardware expenses. However, finding an affordable and scalable solution can be challenging. Upgrade your IT infrastructure without breaking the budget with HP’s 5400R zl2 Switch Series—a next-generation modular switch that gives businesses unprecedented flexibility, scalability, and ease of use to support network demands.

HP Storage
Big Data, mobility, and cloud services all require more storage capability and management. As a result, small businesses implementing these new solutions are experiencing the same challenges as large enterprises. When businesses upgrade their storage solutions, it’s essential that they meet current and future data management requirements, including increasing their virtualization capabilities.

Catering to small and midsized businesses looking to future-proof their storage needs, HP’s MSA Storage solutions leverage storage virtualization techniques for quick provisioning to increase productivity and efficiency.

HP Just Right IT: Increase productivity, limit downtime—as you grow
As businesses implement increasingly sophisticated applications and online services, more data is collected and synthesized. Timely, in-depth analysis of that data drives improved productivity, more efficient internal processes, superior customer service, and smarter marketing.

But what is the best way to get there – while also doing it quickly and efficiently, at the speed of your changing business? HP’s Just Right IT portfolio is the ideal IT package for SMBs. All of these systems are simple to manage, highly available, and designed to work well separately – and even better together.