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Put your data to work

Put your data to work

June 2015

See how HP and Microsoft BI solution leads to faster performance and decision making

Whether you are receiving orders, invoicing, shipping products, updating employee information, or setting a marketing budget, your business data is at the heart of what makes your business run.  Two key areas to consider include:

  • By better understanding customer behaviors and purchase patterns, you are able to direct innovation to provide the most impact and to design products that your customers need. 
  • Combine this knowledge with insights around sentiment on social media or with competitive analysis and you can confidently improve your complete customer experience and grow your business.

Regardless of size, all companies possess large amounts of valuable customer-generated data such as sales transactions, customer histories, stock and delivery data, product preferences, and more. Managing this data with the right tools is the difference between a business with a plan to grow and one that only hopes to grow. 

So, how can you effectively and cost-efficiently track and analyze your data to improve business decisions? You can implement data management platforms that analyze sales, customer information, marketing, and accounting with tailored applications.

HP’s Flex-Bundles for SMB BI with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is right-sized and priced for SMBs and provides BI capabilities to drive more revenue from critical customer information, gain the agility to respond to customers rapidly, recognize buying trends, and create preferences for products and services.

With HP Just Right IT products, solutions and services tailored to your needs—including technology to support business intelligence, customer relationship management, and data storage systems— HP can help your company do the things you need to do to meet today’s evolving customer expectations and position your business to acquire and retain customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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