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Monitors. The new generation

November 2014

What new technology innovations are you excited to try in your business? Monitors? They’re probably not the first thing that came to mind. But maybe they should be.

The latest generation of monitors are offering choices and advantages that weren’t available only a few years ago. They make it easier for you to view high-quality images, do more, and work from anywhere. It’s time you discovered some of the newest monitor innovations and how they can change the way you work for the better.

Embrace the curve
If you find yourself wishing that your display was larger and able to show more at once, but don’t want to sacrifice the real estate required for a larger monitor, a curved screen is your perfect solution. New curved monitors provide an immersive visual experience with enhanced peripheral readability. The curved screen increases your field of vision, so the monitor is larger and can display more content at once compared to flat monitors of the same size. This can be especially valuable for graphic designers and other creative professionals who need to view images and video on a large scale.

Take it with you
Mobility is a must in business today. And now you can stop squinting at your notebook thanks to a new class of easily portable monitors that make it possible to create a dual-display workspace almost anywhere. The ultra-thin, compact, and lightweight design of a legal-pad-sized monitor allows you to slip it in your bag with your notebook or tablet, plus a protective cover doubles as a stand for easy set-up. Whether you’re working from your hotel room or need to present compelling visuals during a presentation, a portable monitor makes a big impact.

Another way to see it
Stop the incessant scrolling (or at least reduce it) and flip your monitor to view it vertically. Really—it’s just that easy with some of the new products hitting the market. A vertical view is ideal for taking in your Twitter feed or an extensive infographic. And if you need to go horizontal again, just flip it the other way. It’s the kind of flexibility that productivity dreams are made of.

Bigger and better
Newer monitors are taking clarity to a whole new level. With enhanced graphics and wider screens, discomfort is a thing of the past and creativity can flourish. And these improved views aren’t all business—they provide a more enjoyable experience for gamers and spreadsheet users alike. They are more pixel “dense” and can display more content than today’s Full HD monitors.

And you don’t just work at your desk anymore. Data, content, and communications follow you wherever you go and back to the office. With MHL, Mobile High-definition Link, you can connect your smartphone to your monitor and instantly mirror your smartphone or tablet content to a super-sized screen. A convenient MHL connection not only mirrors the content but also keeps your devices charged and ready to go [1].

Double duty
If you’re not aware of the productivity benefits of using multiple monitors, do your business a favor and try it out. Viewing two or more screens at the same time allows you to multi-task with incredible efficiency since you can have more than one program open at once and you don’t have to toggle back and forth to view different windows. A second monitor is easy to add to either a desktop or notebook—use one of the new widescreen or curved monitors for an even better experience.

Bright future
There are many new and exciting innovations available in monitors right now, but the future holds even more to look forward to. On the horizon are high pixel density monitors, which will build on the immersive, high-impact experience of the new curved monitors today. Plus, 4K and 5K resolution—also known as Ultra HD—with as-of-yet incomparable pixel resolution, are also getting some attention, and are predicted to be the norm for monitors within the next five years.

Now that you know about all these new innovations, what ways will you use monitors in your business? Let us know in the comments below.

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[1] To display images from a smart phone or tablet, the device must be enabled for MHL and be attached with the included MHL cable to the MHL port, or have an HDMI dongle and be connected with the HDMI cable to either HDMI ports.  The MHL 2.0 port will charge an attached MHL compatible smart phone or tablet battery while connected.