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How smart is your storage?

How smart is your storage?

May 2015

Four ways SMBs can focus on security and customers with smart storage

It’s always a plus when your business is growing. But businesses are collecting ever-increasing amounts of data as they gain new customers, and it’s critical to find the right way to store all that information. But what can you do to adequately protect and store all that data?

That’s one issue. But, at the same time, the amount of data that small and midsized businesses (SMBs) must keep for each customer is also on the rise, and there’s a danger that this huge increase of data could severely strain your company’s existing storage capacity. Here are four smart storage rules that will help your business stay ahead of the competition:

  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Security
  • Storage that scales
  • Flexibility

Reliable infrastructure
For many SMBs, business intelligence (BI) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications are classified as mission-critical, where any downtime results in immediate end-user requests for resolution. According to ESG research, downtime can impede productivity and result in lost data, irritated end-users, dissatisfied customers, and loss of revenue.

Even if your business has the capacity required, the increased demand for data could saturate performance capabilities. The bottom line is that the entire infrastructure needs to be able to handle intense BI and CRM workloads to avoid bottlenecks—from servers to storage to the network.

Reliable, award-winning, industry-standard HP Gen 9 servers are engineered for superb performance at an entry-level price—and can scale as your business grows. And, HP networking tools also combine affordable bandwidth, enterprise-class security, and designs that can unify wired and wireless networks.

As small-to-midsized businesses implement increasingly sophisticated applications and online services that reach into every facet of the business, more data is collected and synthesized—making it even more important to ensure that it’s preserved.

Whether onsite or offsite, data management, backup, and disaster recovery are critical. The bottom line is that businesses must protect customer data to stay in business—and that your storage solution should be both secure and an asset to your business.

Storage that scales
Any storage architecture should offer scalability so that businesses can grow as both their application needs and customer base follow suit. For example, the flexible HP MSA Storage option delivers affordable storage via intuitive management and a solid suite of availability and data protection capabilities.

The ideal storage solution should also offer the necessary performance to handle both BI and CRM applications. After all, the ability to run real-time BI analysis or leverage CRM capabilities depends greatly on the data being available.

Solving storage challenges also means that your business can be more flexible, giving you more of an overall competitive advantage. HP’s StoreVirtual VSA can help address storage basics, while also freeing up your time to better hone overall customer focus.

How? Both StoreVirtual VSA and MSA Storage are customer-tested hardware solutions that are reliable, affordable, scalable, and quick to implement. HP's StoreVirtual VSA offering gives SMBs hardware flexibility—and the power to deploy centralized storage capability as software on the hardware they choose. The result is more flexibility in hardware selection, quicker integration of new hardware technologies, and reduced cost.

HP Just Right IT: Better storage, better results
Better, timely, in-depth data analysis drives improved productivity, more efficient internal processes, superior customer service and smarter marketing—while better and more intuitive storage can help preserve it.

HP storage solutions not only preserve, protect and secure customer data, but also help you retain the customers you have—and attract the ones that you want. Find out how HP’s Just Right IT portfolio of products and services can help.