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Buy new tech and reduce costs? Yes, it’s possible

Buy new tech and reduce costs? Yes, it’s possible

August 2015

Compete big, save big: One big way to reduce costs with big impact

Are you challenged to create and manage the IT infrastructure you need to ensure your business stays up and running in this 24/7 world? Where do you invest to save big and maximize the operational impact on your business?

As many businesses grow and evolve, they must address the mounting demands on their IT assets, which often becomes a tangled-web of technical infrastructure that is both difficult—and expensive—to manage and maintain. Often, an array of management tools are woven together to help manage and maintain the servers, storage, and network.  Both the cost and the amount of time needed to manage this infrastructure grows with complexity.   One way to reduce this cost is to simplify management.

Are you one of the many small and medium businesses that:

  • Have a complex and fragmented technical infrastructure that puts pressure on valuable specialized resources to manage?
  • Do not have the right tools to automate processes, resulting in too many manual tasks that take valuable time, with less predictable results?
  • Have a reactive systems management approach that does not provide the insight to eliminate problems before they occur?
  • Deploys various single purpose and disparate tools to manage the environment, but do not result in a   comprehensive view that is needed to drive optimal decisions?

Consider the following tips and advice on how to simplify management and reduce costs:

  • Replace manual processes by automating repetitive tasks
  • Deploy easy-to-use management tools that can be used by generalists, no need for specialists
  • Eliminate problems before they occur with proactive management
  • Manage servers, storage, and networking with a single view of the infrastructure

Save BIG with simplified management
Comprehensive yet simplified management, designed with IT generalists in mind, will save you time and increase efficiency for day-to-day IT operations. So, how can you effectively and cost-efficiently monitor and manage the core infrastructure of your business? 

HP delivers simple infrastructure management that allow you to configure, manage and monitor your IT—making everyday operations simple and efficient. HP servers, storage, and network products are designed to be simple to manage by IT generalists, reducing the need for specialists. As a standard practice, HP includes Insight Online with every HP ProLiant Server so you can automate manually intensive tasks and reduce errors.  As your environment expands, HP OneView and Intelligent Management Center (IMC) delivers an end-to-end data IT management tool enabling management  across servers, storage, and networking—reducing the number of tools you depend on, and providing a connected and comprehensive view of your environment. This saves you time, reduces errors, and results in lower operational costs.

The end-to-end management view enables staff to be more effective and productive, freeing up valuable resource time for other important efforts. The ability to identify and resolve problems  with proactive system scans, automated case creation for quicker problem resolution, parts dispatch and one time provisioning of the IT devices all contribute to  significant operational cost savings.

Learn more about how HP Just Right IT technology and solutions can help you manage your infrastructure more easily.