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October 2014

In the past, advanced technology was often out of reach for small businesses due to steep price points and logistical impracticalities. Thankfully, times have changed. Today, being a small business doesn’t mean you can’t think like a big one. New innovations can make a positive impact on your business by boosting productivity and helping you save money in the long run. Here are a few examples of how adopting the latest and greatest technology can really pay off.
New mobility
One of the biggest changes brought about by new technology over the past decade is a major increase in mobility. This shift has affected everything from the methods businesses use to make transactions to the way their employees work.
Mobile point of sale solutions make it possible for you to step from behind the counter to assist shoppers. Customers are happy because this leads to shorter lines and better service, and you can instantly take advantage of a customer’s desire to make a purchase from anywhere in the store.
The BYOD revolution means that employees can now work from home or on the road just as efficiently as they can in the office. New notebook, tablet, and hybrid PCs are lightweight and equipped with longer battery life, easy connectivity, mobile printing capabilities, and more. Your business benefits from more customer face time and improved client relationships, plus employees are happier when they have the increased options and flexibility afforded by working on mobile devices.
Cloud connection
Devices aren’t the only mobility-boosting aspect of the business world today. The cloud is another widely accessible innovation that allows employees to access information, share, and collaborate from virtually anywhere. Using the cloud can help save your business money and physical space by allowing servers to be hosted and monitored remotely. And it’s an easily scalable storage option perfect for smaller companies that see the potential to grow in the future.
While the cloud may have seemed somewhat mysterious and daunting when it was first introduced, small businesses are now embracing it thanks to security-conscious solutions like HP Helion, which can help your business build and implement a cloud or hybrid system that fits your specific needs. These advances mean you can now realize the convenience and protection provided by a back-up free solution and better avoid productivity losses caused by crashed drives and corrupted or lost data.
Not your standard servers
Smaller businesses that prefer to use servers instead of the cloud also have that choice, now that there are affordable and efficient options designed for businesses of all sizes and stages. This wasn’t always the case, as many small businesses would never have been able to support the physical, financial, and technical demands of typical past storage and computing solutions. But thanks to a new breed of flexible servers, benefits like solid security, centralization of data, faster response times and remote access can now be experienced by organizations of all sizes.
Clearly, there are many benefits to be had by adopting the latest advances that have recently become available to small businesses. What new technology have you adopted to help run your business? Tell us in the comments below.
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