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Avoid "status quo IT"

Status quo IT?

February 2015

Status quo IT? Do more with servers that deliver

Small and midsized businesses are constantly asked to deliver new services to new customers, starting yesterday. It’s tough enough to meet those demands—much less concentrate on running a business. These days, “status quo IT” is simply not an option.
Make your job as owner of a growing business easier with IT that’s not status quo—IT that gives you more than you’d expect.  The HP Just Right IT portfolio can give you more streamlined IT that results in better productivity and increased communication and collaboration.
Demand for more efficient computing power
Take servers, for example. The business need for simple, fast, cost-effective, value-added services and the ability for IT to meet that demand continues to grow—in the end, there’s a need for a server solution that can handle your business needs.
We know from talking to our small and midsized business (SMB) customers that server platforms must not only address current needs, but also seamlessly handle future workloads—and at a lower cost.
Performance is certainly key—servers that can provide new services quickly, increase productivity, and have the ability to scale resources without intrusive business interruption. When that happens, small and midsize business executives will be able to respond more quickly to new opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.
ProLiant Gen9 servers: added efficiency
The launch of the most recent HP ProLiant Gen 9 server series, which includes the HP ProLiant DL60, DL80, DL120, and ML150 servers, is a boon for growing businesses that need reliable computing power that also fits their budget.
A central component of the HP Just Right IT portfolio, the HP ProLiant Gen 9 servers are a powerful new tool to help bridge the gap between business need and IT demand, helping businesses to easily and affordably:

  • Adapt to rapidly changing marketplaces
  • Leverage and analyze large amounts of data
  • Help mobile work teams better collaborate
  • Respond to competitive pressures
  • Improve the productivity of IT operations teams

Rely on these servers for business-critical data and watch productivity increase, as well as your ability to stay competitive. Ideal for handling multiple workloads, HP ProLiant Gen9 servers take the worry out of IT inefficiency—so that you can get things done quicker, and focus on growing your business. 
It’s easy to see why settling for the status quo when it comes to IT could be detrimental to your business. Instead, seek out a system that can deliver exponential value to your business and help you better meet customer needs. Find out more information about how the HP Just Right IT portfolio can do just that.