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4 quick steps to cloud printing

November 2014

Change rarely comes easy, especially when you’re talking about technology. There are users to consider, additional work for the IT department, and concern that the cost of change can't be justified to the management team. It’s enough to give anyone pause before adding even basic new functionality or hardware.
So when you have the opportunity to improve printer security, reduce waste, and streamline management—without any additional costs or infrastructure on your part—that’s the kind of IT change you finally don’t have to have second thoughts about. HP JetAdvantage Pull Print is a new cloud business printing solution that allows you to safeguard your documents as you print to an HP cloud queue, then authenticate and print them from your supported HP printer or multifunction printer (MFP). No new fees, and no new infrastructure. Just one big problem solved.
The power of pull print
If you’re not already familiar with the concept of pull printing, here’s why you should be excited about HP JetAdvantage Pull Print.
Increased security. Prevent unauthorized viewing by sending print documents into a secure cloud print queue until the user authenticates at the device, releasing the documents—unreleased jobs are automatically deleted after a set time.
Reduced waste. Curb misprints and unclaimed print jobs by allowing users to authenticate, release, and retrieve only the jobs they want.
Enhanced productivity. Give users the ability to view and delete jobs from virtually anywhere, anytime using a web-enabled mobile device [1].
Streamlined management. Enable your IT department to easily manage pull-printing capabilities and user access from one centralized dashboard.
Manage your printing from the cloud
At the heart of what enables Pull Print is HP’s new cloud platform for printer apps, HP JetAdvantage On Demand [2]. This new platform—accessed through your printer or MFP and the HP JetAdvantage On Demand website—allows you to conveniently manage apps including Pull Print from a centralized, consistent dashboard, as well as create and manage user accounts and settings.
HP JetAdvantage On Demand is launching with the Pull Print app, and will feature new additional apps and functionality soon. Included in select new HP printers and MFPs, this platform is also available at no additional cost for many existing HP LaserJet and Officejet products that include a graphical interface with a touchscreen or keyboard [1]. Click here for a list of all compatible devices.
4 simple steps to start
To gain all of this functionality, just follow these four quick steps:

  1. Request your HP JetAdvantage On Demand account
  2. Follow the emailed instructions to activate the account
  3. Download and install the Pull Print driver
  4. Start using the app to authenticate your print job at the printer and release it

Nearly 90 percent of enterprises say they’ve suffered at least one data loss through unsecured printing [3]. Now that it’s easier and more cost-effective than ever before to implement pull printing, there’s no reason to become yet another statistic. Sometimes change really can be easy.
Get started with HP JetAdvantage On Demand
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[1] Remote management requires a supported browser on any Internet-capable mobile device, with separately purchased wireless Internet service. Supported browsers include Microsoft® Internet Explorer® IE 9-11, Google Chrome® 9 and newer, Mozilla® Firefox 4 and newer, and Safari 5®  and newer.
[2] HP JetAdvantage On Demand is a web-based application that requires Internet access. Supported browsers include Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 9-11, Google Chrome® 9 and newer, Mozilla® Firefox® 4 and newer, and Safari® 5 and newer. Compatible with many HP LaserJet, Officejet Pro, and Digital Sender Flow devices that can connect to the Internet. May require a firmware upgrade. For more information, see hpjetadvantage.com.
[3] Quocirca, Managed Print Services Landscape, June 2014.