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3 ways IT can increase productivity

3 ways IT can increase productivity

January 2015

There’s something to be said about living the simple life—and that also goes for your IT department. Simplify and pare down with affordable IT, increase productivity, and meet your business goals. Here are three ways to do it with HP’s Just Right IT portfolio

Simplify IT with smart tools that increase productivity for your business, and you may just discover that meeting the rest of your business goals—like acquiring and retaining customers, keeping your business secure and operational, and saving money—will naturally follow.

The HP Just Right IT portfolio is dedicated to workforce efficiency, and the launch of the HP ProLiant Gen 9 series of servers that are ideal for smaller businesses is the most recent tool in our productivity arsenal. Here’s an overview of how the right IT can help kickstart your business in the New Year…

Smart servers made for business demands
The launch of the HP ProLiant Gen9 server family, which includes the ProLiant DL60, DL80, DL120, and ML150 servers for small to medium-sized businesses, will help both jumpstart your business and streamline your IT needs.

The challenges inherent with limited resources, tight budgets, and the need for reliable, easy-to-use IT and support are a universal dilemma for smaller businesses.  At the end of the day, your business needs the right computing power for the right workload that also fits your budget.

That’s where HP’s new Proliant Gen9 servers come into play: When you deploy your business-critical workloads on these servers, you can get things done faster and more efficiently, boosting business results.  HP ProLiant Gen9 servers are optimized for multiple workloads to ensure that your business, communications and collaboration, messaging and IT infrastructures improve your business odds for success.

Mobile workforce, BYOD & cloud solutions
Research from AeroHive (BYOD & Beyond: How to Turn BYOD Into Productivity) found that one of the most overlooked aspects of the bring your own device (BYOD) scenario is how to manage users once your business has made the transition—and that having a way to securely connect and monitor devices should be top priority. HP Flex-Bundles for Mid-Market Unified Communication & Collaboration (UC&C) with Microsoft Lync and HP Flex-Bundles for SMB with Microsoft Exchange 2013 are two examples of mobile workforce and BYOD solutions to help you work smarter.

The HP Just Right IT portfolio of cloud services and HP CloudAgile Partners also makes it easier for your business to better connect offices and customers, as well as share documents and collaborate more efficiently. Reap the benefits of everyday mobile—via apps, tablets, smartphones, and more. The result is the flexibility to work from anywhere, at any time, and get more done—safely and securely.

Secure storage
Managing data and preserving the security and integrity of applications and network availability is one of the top strategic issues for small and medium businesses, according to AMI research. HP’s Just Right IT portfolio can help you provide adequate storage for your business now—quickly, easily, and affordably.

Just Right IT storage solutions are a cost-effective way to create or upgrade your current storage needs—and do it in sync with the growth stage of your business to keep it running efficiently. Having the right storage translates also means less stress worrying about losing critical data, so you can better focus on growing your business.

HP Just Right IT: Simple, affordable and reliable
Streamlined IT management and effective products, services, and solutions that are simple, affordable, and reliable are the collaboration tools that growing businesses need. Find out more about how HP Just Right IT can help your business productivity—now and for the future.