United Kingdom DHL

By accepting the replacement part, you also agree to return the defective original part using the following procedure:
  1. Return the defective part in the original box (replacement part) and seal it with tape.
  2. Use ESD/Anti-static bag (if provided with the replacement part)
  3. You will find a Good/Defective label in a pouch on the box, please place the appropriate label over the original label on the box.
  4. You will also find a carrier label in the pouch on the box. Please ensure any other labels are removed and place this label clearly on the box.

To make a collection booking online you will have to register for DHL Online Shipping, this will take a couple of minutes.
Follow the below steps:
  1. Go to https://returns.dhl.co.uk/HPI/
  2. From the Welcome screen enter the information in the required fields
  3. Returns Reference * - This should be your complete HP Inc event reference on the label e.g. PO-xxxxxxxxx
  4. Next click on the Submit to go to the next screen
  5. DHL AWB Number * - Enter your 10 digit Airwaybill from your supplied DHL shipping Return Label:
    1. Note: if you have no DHL Returns label leave this field blank and the system will generate a new PDF version
  6. Collection Address * - Enter your address where the part needs to be collected from including a valid postcode. All fields containing * are mandatory and must be populated
  7. Click on Next
  8. Parcel(s) * - Enter the weight (kgs) and dimensions (cm) of the item to be collected (values can be approx.)
  9. Collection Times * - You will then see the earliest available collection date and can choose a 3hr window for your collection
    1. A collection can also be scheduled for up to 5 working days in the future if required
  10. Click on Next
  11. Review* - You will now be able to review the entered information to ensure all is correct. You can use the BACK button if required to change any incorrect details.
    1. Note: Before confirming you will need to check the tick box’s to confirm no prohibited items and agree terms and conditions.
  12. Once booking is confirmed you will then have the chance to download and print the label in the PDF format if required and you will also be emailed confirmation of the booking including your DHL collection reference and waybill number.
Or, you can drop the part off at a DHL Service Point. For your nearest location use the below link and enter your post code. Tick the box for Account Customer when searching for your nearest location. Please attach the return labels to the box. http://parcel.dhl.co.uk/dhl-service-point/find-your-nearest/

Or, for Channel Island only you can arrange the collection by phone:

- Mainland UK can call: 0844 248 0844 Option1
- Channel Islands and Isle of Man contact HRAir: 01534 744477 (email: info@hrair.co.uk)
- Customers in Gibraltar contact DHL: +44 (0) 844 875 3026 (email: gb.pcspremier@dhl.com)

Please ensure you Quote HP Inc collection when speaking to the agent.
Lines open 08:30 – 17:30 Mon – Fri.
Always be ready to quote your original HP Call reference as a shipper’s reference. These normally start 46xxx or 47xxx. You will need to provide a contact name and number at the collection address. Contents will always be computer parts plus you will be asked if the part is easily carried by 1 person.

Any enquiries and question related to CSR part returns contact returns.csr.uki@hp.com
If you have any questions on this delivery, please contact your usual phone entry point.
If the part was supplied in an “anti static” bag, please use that.

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You may receive a survey invitation from hp.supportsurvey@hp.com. Please express your opinion so we may improve our service.