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Computing Environments

There are a number of business environments today which have unique IT challenges that can actually be further complicated by traditional PC environments. HP Thin Computing solutions are optimized to help address the distinct challenges associated with such business models such as:
  • High-density computing environments, such as schools, training labs or call centers.
  • Remote or branch locations that require shared computing access, such as employee stations or kiosks in banks and retail environments.
  • High-security or highly-regulated businesses/industries, such as financial, government and healthcare institutions.
  • Dispersed, high-performance computing environments, like national or international creative agencies or oil and gas exploration field locations.
Managers in these types of environments face distinct challenges varying from space constraints to data privacy to large amounts of data transfer that are vital to the success or failure of their business. Thin computing solutions can help directly address the needs of these types of business environments.
High-Density Computing Business Environments

A small footprint and quiet operation make HP Thin Clients ideal for environments with large numbers of users sharing a small space. Quiet, low-power HP Thin Clients help reduce power costs, and offer flexible mounting options to help maximize workspace.
Remote Locations, Shared Computing Environments
The quick and easy deployment of HP Thin Clients help get remote locations up and running smoothly and efficiently – even by non-technical employees. An HP thin client can be as simple to connect as a traditional telephone!

According to IDC, thin clients can reduce IT support requirements by up to 67%, thanks to attributes like HP thin clients' high reliability, long lifecycles and remote, centralized management that require little to no onsite maintenance or break/fix support. These features make HP Thin clients a quick to deploy, easy to manage and more reliable computing solution for remote locations like branch offices, or even kiosks and digital signage.
Highly Secure Business Environments
As all data with an HP thin computing solution resides in the data center, organizations can more easily protect customer, patient or competitive information and help assist government security regulations. No data in HP High-Security Computing Environments ever is stored on an HP desktop or mobile Thin Client – making it nothing more than a paper weight when not connected to your secure network. And HP Thin Clients also include a number of unique security features, such as your choice of Enhanced or File-based Write Filters, built-in firewalls and antivirus software, and support for multi-factor authentication through smart cards to help ensure only the people you provide access to can enter your network. Remote, centrally stored data is also more easily recovered in the event that natural disaster, accident or theft reaches your thin clients, helping to preserve business continuity and provide better protection for your IT investments.

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High-Performance, Remote Environments
All user types can be accommodated with a thin computing solution from HP, including power users in fields like design, manufacturing, oil and gas exploration or financial services, who need greater performance, specialized USB hardware and advanced, 2D, 3D and multimedia application support.

Advanced HP and partner software technololgies help compress and accelerate data-intensive applications and move them across the network to provide a more secure, reliable, "just like local" experience to your users, regardless of location.

Customized applications and USB device support are no problem, and paired with HP remote blade workstations, your end users get the same experiences as working with a local unit with all of the management, security and ease of deployment benefits of an HP Thin Client.