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SureSupply automatically alerts you when you’re running low on ink or toner and provides independent online ordering of replacement supplies. It’s quick, simple and comes completely free with your HP printer.

The benefits of SureSupply:

  • Be alerted when your HP Inkjet cartridge is running low
  • Know exactly what HP toner cartridge your printer needs
  • Save time and money with convenient online ordering
  • Never get stuck without print supplies

Step-by-step Guide

Although it’s very clever, SureSupply is also very easy to use. Read on for a step-by-step walkthrough of how it works.

How it works:

  • SureSupply alerts you when your ink is low - and lets you know if other inks are getting low too
  • You click on “order now” and the SureSupply software calculates the ink cartridge types you need
  • You choose the supplier you want to buy from - all are approved HP Partners so can be trusted to offer excellent service
  • Buy your printing supplies – you can also order other goods at the same time by adding them to your shopping cart
  • Your ink then arrives typically two days later before you’ve run out*

Enable SureSupply for my printer

Alternatively, you can shop for printing supplies right now by accessing the SureSupply online store directly from your desktop via SureSupply Software Utility.

Learn about SureSupply Software Utility

Download SureSupply Software Utility now (ZIP, 1.5MB)

  • * HP requires three-day delivery from partners to qualify for the SureSupply programme. HP is not responsible for the reseller’s delivery performance.