Are cheap compatible toner cartridges worth the risk?

Imitation cartridges may be bad for your business. Learn why.


Imitation cartridges can be a risky decision

When it comes to ordering replacement of toner cartridges, you have many to choose from, but cheap imitations may not be the best choice.

Tested imitation cartridges emitted:7

HP voluntarily designs and tests its printing systems5 to prevent emissions that exceed eco-label standards and guidelines.

95% of printer technicians said they clean HP LaserJet printers more often when non-HP cartridges are used, and 79% of these technicians said they clean it at least twice as often3.

Unlike HP, imitation cartridges may not comply with important European legal requirements and regulations4

Original HP cartridges are simply a better choice

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5. A printing system consists of HP printer, paper, and toner cartridge

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