Data sovereignty

Data sovereignty and security are two of the major concerns for businesses considering a move to the cloud.

Data sovereignty is the concept that information stored digitally is subject to the laws of the country in which it's located. And often with cloud computing, the location of your data and under whose jurisdiction it falls may be unclear.

By partnering with HP, you can rest assured that the issues associated with operating in the cloud and data sovereignty are fully addressed. Businesses like yours are working with HP Helion Managed Cloud Services to help meet regulatory compliance and data sovereignty requirements with an appropriate review of legal issues, dedicated infrastructure and select in-country hosting.

You need to be clear about where your data resides and we provide audit capabilities, so you know exactly where your data is.

HP Helion Managed Cloud Services conform to the requirements of the US Patriot Act and the EU's Safe Harbour Framework, to ensure that transferring data across national borders is done only in accordance with the needs of the data's owner and applicable local laws.

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